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In Topic: VK56 or RB SWAP FOR 350z and G35

6 days ago

Shouldn't you sign up as a vendor or donating member to advertise


Please read the forum rules for Vendors  http://forums.hybrid...tion=boardrules

In Topic: OEM Light cover crack repair

A week ago

I worked with laminated glass, plate glass / mirror and plastics for 30yrs until I became a disabled Vet.  My experience tought me how to stop a 'run' in glass and lexan / plexi glass by drilling a tiny hole at the very end of the 'run', crack, so that when it continues to run, it will have to stop at the tiny drilled hole. Use the smallest drill bit you can find.


If you'd rather not test yourself by drilling a hole, you can hope it does not "run" any farther by just barely tightening that fastener where it's cracked putting least amount of pressure on that area. 




Sorry for repeating what you said above Svt40.  

In Topic: 280Z Interior/Engine Bay Parts

A week ago

I'll take your 280Z Dash and 240Z Steering Wheel.

PM Sent.


If he don't, I will.  Let me know......

In Topic: Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

2 weeks ago

I'd like to get mine powder coated instead of painted.  Can you send mine raw?




In Topic: My Datsun 240z Restoration

2 weeks ago

Second pic shows some metal being, maybe hammered out in the wheel well. Last pic shows slight front end damage from a wreck. If that's the worst of the damage, it looks  repairable....