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3D printed sr20 cas pedestal for the l/z engines

Today, 07:26 AM

I have a Z20E engine in my 720 pickup that's been turbocharged and ecu has been swapped to a megasquirt based ecu. It's running fuel only for now but for ignition I'm gonna be running coil on plug triggered by a SR20 CAS with a diyautotune triggerwheel. Inspired by the Japanese running the rb efi stuff on the l6 engines I designed a similar pedestal to swap the distributor for a cas and had a guy 3d print a prototype so when I'm back from vacation I'm gonna swap it into my running engine and try it out.
Photobucket is being a bitch so here's a link to a Google photo album

Market for a 4.87 ratio diff?

4 days ago

Hey guys, I have a datsun 720 I'm working on and have a c200 lsd rear axle but it's from a diesel so it's geared really low. So I just wonder if it's even worth trying to sell? I wanna replace it with a 3.5 or a 3.7. C200 internals interchange with R200 shortnose internals but 4.87 is really low so would anyone want it?

wtb: Final drive for shortnose r200, 3.5 or 3.7 ratio

4 days ago

I'm looking for a crownwheel and pinion in either of the afforementioned ratios. Will pay for shipping. secure payment via paypal

Wtb: L28ET injectors. 280zx turbo.

26 June 2016 - 12:23 PM

Looking for the standard injectors from a 280Zx turbo. I only need 4 so doesn't matter if you don't have a complete set but if you have and don't wanna part with just 4 I'd buy the complete set

Running 280turbo inj. on a Z20/24E hybrid engine.

17 March 2016 - 01:59 PM

Hello, not exactly a Z but hopefully you can help me brainstorm this idea I got...

You see I bought a Datsun 1600 pickup, a 720 with a J16 engine, and I am in the process of swapping the engine out in favour of a Z24, that I will be converting to EFI using the manifold and injection system from the Z20E engine. Pretty easy stuff, but that's only the first step. When this is up and running I'll later put a turbocharger on it, I have a Z18ET manifold with a RB25DET turbo bolted on lying in my garage. I was originally thinking of running the SDS EIC I have but read a couple of articles on these flapper type mafs and modifying them or the signal in order to run bigger injectors. I don't know the size of the Z20E but they're green like the later 280Z injectors, so 180cc or somewhere in that region maybe? Can i put the 260cc turbo injectors on and either modify the signal using potmeters, or adjust the tension on the flapdoor spring? Or even the 280zx turbo maf? But they appear to be the same as the one I already have so perhaps just calibrated different. 


I'm not looking for massive amounts of boost or mad horsepower here, just need the extra torque the turbo provides, these engines aren't great performers anyways so no point going overboard with it....(I consider drilling holes in the intake runners and adding four extra 440cc injectors to be a little overboard(the eic setup i have) :P)