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  1. Well, it's kinda like this. I took my car apart to paint it 4 years ago and it just got forgotten. I have had hopes of getting it all back together this whole time but, life has just gotten in the way. Anyway, I'm getting a divorce and need to pay off some bills so that I can start over on some things. I'm sure there are several of you that can understand this. My question is what is my best way to maximize my dollar here. The car has a ton of awesome parts on it but, the body is mostly taken apart and in primer. As much as I hate to part with it I think that’s the best option for me right n
  2. Don't know if you've bought themm yet but, I buy mine at Napa. they seem to have a good selection and the price is good.
  3. Loved it. that was a cool vid. The bird chip was a nice touch.
  4. Thats cool. Free tools are great. My dad has the same air compressor.
  5. See he said he would post picture shortly. I don't expect a finished product I just want to see what he has so far. I admire anyone that can do this kind of work and just want to see the basic ideas he has and how they are turning out.
  6. It's been 12 minuites! Where are the pics?
  7. I love that car. I bet that is so fun to drive on the twisty roads up there.
  8. Sounds great! By the way since this is turning into a poll about the fog lights I vote to put them back on. Love the look and the function of them. I know you need them driving around where you live.
  9. My boss went to the Sunday race and said it was a miracle that he even came out alive.
  10. That sucks that he got hurt. The weird part about it for me was that he almost hit me (very close) on his little scooter as he was going back to his trailer. Hope he has a full recovery!
  11. that was cool. I agree it needs ome better footing.
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