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  1. Nice work. Interested to see how this turns out.
  2. Looks good, what are you going to use for engine management?
  3. Looks awesome and thanks for the frequent updates. Interesting to see the progress.
  4. Good job. Truck bed liner is great for that texture as you've shown.
  5. Nice build and LM's with the wide lip. Get a clutch in there!
  6. Just a hint from all us “non scientists and engineers†out here, you don’t have to be as condescending and abrasive as possible just because you don’t agree with an argument. Your attitude in this thread comes across as if it’s not good enough to be correct you must disparage and belittle as well. You can spin my example any way you want, you can be right, and throw around all the formula's and sanctioned engineering acronyms you’d like. What you really need to work on is tact. If you handled your posts with a little bit more of it, then perhaps you wouldn’t have to worry about “finger wagging†and â€mommy’s admonitionsâ€. I’m not a newbie with a thin skin looking to stir the pot. I did however want to see the thread continue and not have someone relatively new to the forum driven off of it. Glad to see you and the OP have “worked it out†and the thread can continue. As for your future posts all I can say is that civility goes a long way, look in to it….
  7. Agreed. I have absolutely no dog in this fight, but a guy comes on here with a cool idea, is executing it, and apparently has a good reputation as an engine builder and next thing you know it's a battle royale because he made a comment on Rebello's claimed hp? If the Bonneville engine powered that car with enough speed to confirm their hp claims then great, but I don't think it's going too far, even a bit far, to say that Rebello's dyno is a bit on the high side. Great builders, well respected in most circles, but their hp claims are not always accurate. I remember back in the day they advertised 230 hp (crank) out of a L series 2.3 liter. A tuned, EFI example put down 153 at the wheels, which even with a 20% correction is what, 185ish? A bit off 230....
  8. Thanks, Toyota powered, like this one.... Can you find 510's in Europe?
  9. Supra510

    Surge Tank

    Looks good. I made one once (though not nearly as nice)with that same design and never had starvation issues.
  10. There was a 20b powered car at Road Atlanta for the Mitty in 2009. Sweetest sounding car there.
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