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  1. When I dropped it off he said that a polish might do the job but that due to the pitting he would likely cut it for 0.010 undersized bearings just to be sure that the engine would be at 100%.
  2. Item is located in Puerto Rico. It is currently at a reputable local machine shop having any necessary work being performed. Once I get it back it should be ready to be dropped in and with accompanying paperwork documenting the work performed.
  3. Took this crankshaft to one machine shop to be metal shot blasted and to another reputable shop to check the bearing surfaces and they recommended that it be cut 0.010in (0.25mm) to be on the safe side due to some pitting on the journal surfaces. Both the main and crankshaft journals have been cut by 0.10in, bearings for it can be found easily RockAuto has the full set for around $60. I've attached a bunch of pictures that show the journals and the counterweights. The journals are coated in a protective film from the machine shop and the dots that you will see are small particles that got attached to the sticky protective film and not actually on the journal surface. It has some some pitting in some of the counterweights which can be seen in a few of the pictures. The machinist said that it was not significant and that since these engines have to be balanced, if any minute weight difference existed due to it then during the balancing process it would be taken care of. Between what I paid for the engine, packaging materials, shipping, paypal fees and (expensive) machine work there's quite a few bucks on this. I'm looking to get $900 shipped for it. It'll be very well packed in a wooden box surrounded by PVC paneling with high density foam inside, it will not move. Shipping will be USPS 3-day priority.
  4. Any idea what kind of compression ratio to expect with these?
  5. Looking great. Seeing that you sold your L, you will not be selling the RB once you are done?
  6. Just get them in black and clean just the lip. No one will notice the brake dust between the spokes
  7. These wheels come in a few different sizes but the one that caught my attention were the 16x8.5 0 offset. They go for $660 the set in Ebay and I've seen a few S30s with similarly sized wheels which look pretty nice. Link to the website: http://ns-wheels.com/ns/www/index.php?page=wheel_info&style=DRIFT-MDV2 Link to ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/361035097889 This car supposedly has 16x8.5 -6 offset Watanabes with 205/40 tires at the front. More pictures and info here: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/5286-watanabe-r-type-wanters-please-read/ This car has 16x8.5 -6 Watanabes with 225/50 tires all around More pictures and info here: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/88219-for-the-guys-running-16s-and-wide-tire-help-please/ Specifically in post #13 A 6mm (1/4'' ish) spacer will get you the same stance as those two cars and is probably what I will do if I get them. I will probably get them down the road and upload pictures but I still have plenty of engine and body work to do before I get the wheels. If anyone has them or gets them it would be great to see pictures of them in an S30.
  8. Hey guys, in looking for a set of inspection lids for my 280z. If you have a pair let me know.
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