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  1. Looking great. Seeing that you sold your L, you will not be selling the RB once you are done?
  2. Just get them in black and clean just the lip. No one will notice the brake dust between the spokes
  3. These wheels come in a few different sizes but the one that caught my attention were the 16x8.5 0 offset. They go for $660 the set in Ebay and I've seen a few S30s with similarly sized wheels which look pretty nice. Link to the website: http://ns-wheels.com/ns/www/index.php?page=wheel_info&style=DRIFT-MDV2 Link to ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/361035097889 This car supposedly has 16x8.5 -6 offset Watanabes with 205/40 tires at the front. More pictures and info here: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/5286-watanabe-r-type-wanters-please-read/ This car has 16x8.5 -6 Watanabes with 225/50 tires all around More pictures and info here: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/88219-for-the-guys-running-16s-and-wide-tire-help-please/ Specifically in post #13 A 6mm (1/4'' ish) spacer will get you the same stance as those two cars and is probably what I will do if I get them. I will probably get them down the road and upload pictures but I still have plenty of engine and body work to do before I get the wheels. If anyone has them or gets them it would be great to see pictures of them in an S30.
  4. Hey guys, in looking for a set of inspection lids for my 280z. If you have a pair let me know.
  5. Anybody know what color this is:
  6. Still on it, 10+ years later. Your time and effort is certainly appreciated.
  7. I know this is a bit old but I would love a 0 offset 16x8.5'' RKR. These wheels are supposedly 16X8.5'' -6 Watanabe's: A 1/4 spacer would get you exactly that same stance and if you only put the spacer on the rear you wouldn't have to stretch the front tire like that guy did.
  8. Looks very very nice from the side, I wish they made them in 16''.
  9. I think that collectively this community must have tried about every wheel/tire combination possible and it is, indeed, sad that a good resource with info on what works and what doesn't work, is not available.
  10. Any developments with these? Have they considered making 16s now? 16x9 -13 and 16x9.5 -19 would surely sell quite well for them.
  11. Hey man, Did you make the mounts locally or did you buy a kit? I'm from Isabela, we spoke a couple of years ago. I'm the Air Force guy with the Silver 1977 280Z. I'm currently doing the body on my car, the engine is the next thing that I will tackle and a VQ is an option that I'm contemplating. Your car was already my favorite one in PR and now with that VQ you've cemented your position at the top. Congrats!
  12. ACLs are great, I've had them in my big boost sr20 for a while now. No complaints.
  13. Oh no don't get me wrong I would greatly prefer not to rebuild it. I was just saying that if it comes down to it, I would rebuild it myself. If anything it's not an excuse to rebuild it but more of a concern that after putting it together with the new head it might not be in as good a shape as it looked. But now I know that it'll likely be good. I have plenty of experience with other platforms and know that engines will last long times with good care. I've been working with SR20s for more than 10 years and know that a high mileage stock USDM SR20DE will still take 20 pounds of boost with stock internals if taken care of. But I'm fairly new to the L28 and know that some engines are less durable than others. I shouldn't have doubted Nissan though.
  14. Sounds good guys, I started this thread while on the runway in a plane. I'll give you guys more details now. I have a P90 head that I performed the .080 shave mod, got the .080 shims for the cam towers, shorter valves, 272F cam, etc. I have Triple Webbers, 6-1 Header, etc. The engine is a flat top piston F54 block with a P79 head but I'll put the P90 head on it, so basically I'll be using the block. I'll be able to take a good look at the cylinders and everything since I'll be taking the head off. I just wantd to know if it was ok to keep leave the block as is if it looked ok. Thanks for the answers At the end if I put it togheter like that and compression is off or anything I'll just take it back out and rebuild it. I don't mind the extra work, I do it myself anyway.
  15. I have a 1983 L28 that I was going to rebuild and put a shaved P90 head on. The engine has been sitting around for a while! Up to 10 years possibly but no way of knowing for sure. It was stored indoors and looks pretty good. I have yet to open the engine but if it looks good and clean, could I get away without rebuilding it? It was supposedly taken from a low mile car that was rear ended. I planned on rebuilding it but I've heard a lot about how durable these engines are and in different situations I've heard people say rebuilds aren't necessary. I would love to rebuild it but I'm having a baby now and if I could save that money it would be great. Obviously at the end it'll depend on how it looks when I open it up, but if it looks real clean what would you guys recommend?
  16. A while back I had found info on a specific setup and had read that it was fairly popular and proven. I forgot to bookmark it and can't seem to find the info in the searches. The setup was: 0.080 shaved P90 head with the accompanying mods Flat top pistons Triple 40 DCOEs Weber Carbs Schnyder 274F cams 6-1 Header 2.5'' Exhaust E12-80 Ignition I already have all of the parts but haven't put the engine togheter, if anybody has any threads, websites about this setup and the WHP typically seen with it I would appreciate it. My car currently has a stock L28 with four speed trans and 3.54 diff. When I swap the new engine I'll also be dropping in a 5 speed trans and a 3.90 diff. I'm thinking that the difference will be considerable and lots of fun.
  17. Beautiful car man, I appreciate the info. Do you have any additional pictures that you could share with us?
  18. Any info on this cars setup? The silver one with the 526's without flares.
  19. Am I the only person that would be interested in 15x9 -13 and 15x9.5 -19 4x114.3 Rota RK-R? or even 16'' I think this would be an awesome wheel. Kim should have do a group buy of these.
  20. I recently bought a 280z that has triple side draft carbs. Turns out two of them are 40 DCOE 18 and the other one is a 40 DCOE 151. I want to have all three match so I cant minimize any issues I might have, so I am looking for 1 40 DCOE 18 Weber carb. It doesn't matter if it needs to be rebuilt since I plan on rebuilding the ones I have anyway.
  21. I really don't want to create a new thread for this question I have and I searched fro it but no luck. I just bought a car with triple 40DCOEs, two of them are 18s and one is a 151. Will this be an issue or can they be used like this?
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