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  1. At last count we had 54 Z cars signed up for track action, at least 45 of those would be S30's which has to be some sort of world record. Furriners are invited, don't think we have any yet, you won't get run off the track or anything LOL.
  2. Yeah, maybe search '280ZX suspension' because the person who sold those did stuff for the S130 like brakes too.
  3. ABS delete on mine it's all gone, engine has a larger aluminium sump but no aftermarket engine oil cooler which is perhaps why it has a oil temp gauge, diff has received a lot of attention. It came with a manual switched pumped cooler and now has a clutch type LSD, NISMO cover and a thermo switch to control the pump. Plus have done lots of detail things like fitting magnetic drain plugs front to back.
  4. Wide from where to where? You may be better of looking for a dimension plan drawing for the 350Z.
  5. A car model that makes a good drift car makes a good circuit car.
  6. Bought a Z33 race car, doing preventable maintenance checks and all looks good so far. Should have done this ages ago rather than spend forever on a project race car get something that is ready to go and work on a project on the side.
  7. The problem for informative forums like his 'grate sight' is that people come for the information and then yak about it on social media without contributing here. In other words this site is used but not replenished.
  8. Didn't think that the Z33 had rev match, so was it a bit slow? I prefer the look of the Z33 and that's crucial for a race car LOL.
  9. They look great but I don't know why they are so expensive.
  10. To ship to 4370, Australia, it's not hard to do, pay by Paypal. By 'gear set' I mean just the crown wheel and pinion which means that it would be easy to pack. PM best, cheers, Richard.
  11. It's basically the same as what came OE behind SR20's so it should fit but chasing unusual auto applications gets very frustrating, the good shops have heaps of regular work and don't have to spend the time sorting out something different while those that may be good but you're not sure want to mortgage your vital body parts in payment.
  12. Thanks Gollum, I had a feeling that you would come up with something interesting and practical.
  13. So, a Honda 2000 engine and gearbox? I like the sound of that, BUT, will the gearbox handle turbo power? I know that you said that the transmission is fine but how fine? I'm thinking that 400 horses at the wheels would be tops. A budget engine rebuild would be lower compression pistons and stock everything else? Wonder how it would go with E85 fuel with the stock pistons?
  14. Thanks fellas for the very useful contributions, cheers. I should have mentioned that using an auto trans is a option but weight is crucial with this project, at present I'm looking at what autos may bolt up to a SR20DET, the manual option for it would be the Silvia gearbox with a close ratio Kameari gear set which is the sensible option. But 'sensible' does not always win LOL
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