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  1. There is no full manual setting where it will over rev if you don't shift? Sounds like a cool car.
  2. We seem to be missing the track videos and chat.
  3. On the DCT subject, it's not something I follow closely but I doubt that it would be financially viable to make the mechanical bits for a L6 kit.
  4. Why are viewers not giving likes here?
  5. US Shift also do a controller but for the Ford version the 2011+ 6R80, which I know nothing about, including if it retains engine braking.
  6. Mmmmmm, nice, what engine bay air extraction system does the car have? It's sooo important, both from a cooling and aero aspect to get that air out from there, at least as much as it comes in through the front. The design of which will challenge your original look requirement.
  7. Thread revive. Looking again at a ZF 6HP26/28 trans, it's viability has improved in that a bell housing adapter is now available for the LS as is a mickey mouse controller, the HGT GCU. Apparently these ZF boxes are exclusively trick inside in that shift speeds can be adjusted to near instantaneous. The car is a 280ZX 2+0 built for circuit racing.
  8. Thanks Miles for your information.
  9. Enough of the show pics, get it out on a road course with in-car video and lots of 'wows!'
  10. Change the switch over to the + side, that's where they usually go in my experience.
  11. How about assisting the OP instead of bugging him with questions, he still have to finish it FFS. For positive attention this topic would have been better off in Member's Projects.
  12. In my country there is a procedure to go through which involves the supplier before any CC money is refunded but I guess that there has to be a time limit, that makes sense. There are also small claims facilities but these are only viable if it's worthwhile which it's not for,say, under $1000. This has happened to me where I worked out that my $650 claim was not worth the cost and effort. All this is why I like using Paypal, I buy lots of stuff and have found that the Paypal dispute system works well.
  13. The world is going mad, seriously, what a bummer. But I'd be pressuring the CC people, what has time got to do with a claim like this?
  14. Yes, we need the Z to still look like a Z so subtle changes that actually work are extra cool. If the car is configured to run air from underneath front to back and use it to improve aero, other than via the usual obvious diffuser, then that would definitely be extra cool.
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