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  1. Over all it's great, the grille area needs attention but it's in the direction that Nissan should have gone long ago. There are lots of cool little features as well as the over all shape, it's going to age well and is a great basis for mods. ❤️
  2. Techno Toy have a pretty good reputation in my corner of the world, there is nothing wrong with the basic strut type suspension, it just needs some tweaks which JM is fully familiar with. Just remember that strut suspension is still used on some high end sports cars.
  3. If you bothered to look back a couple of posts you would see that the supplier was Speed SoCal.
  4. DIY tip to check the efficiency of bonnet vents on the 280ZX. Release the rear catch and drive the car at a set speed in a safe off road place to see how far the bonnet lifts up due to engine bay air pressure. The stock vents are pretty well useless, the ones I mentioned in an earlier post work well ie the bonnet does not lift up near as much.
  5. Problems with Wilwood MC. A couple of reports from my part of the world of poor castings leading to leaks.
  6. Pic of my 280ZX front end bracing, what can't be seen is the square tube running the length of and under the sill, great for jacking too.
  7. Yes, looking at modern cars can be a lesson in where additional bracing can be done on the Z car, MX5 is a good example.
  8. If you are considering a double wishbone rear just make sure that it can be mounted high enough into the body so the car can be lowered without compramising the roll centres. There is not much room up there because the original suspension did not need it.
  9. Yeah they are being done, oh well, maybe for the next project.
  10. Interesting comments and I think that you have nailed the crucial weaknesses in the stock S30 body for race use. Basically the fire wall does not sufficiently connect forward to the front suspension load points. Also the attachment of the front X member which bolts to the rails, the stock four bolt setup allows flex, it's simple to add a couple of brackets forward to bolt to the rails.
  11. A pic of the holed rear would be good, count me dim but trying to visualise the air flow path has got me.
  12. Bloomin heck, go for it but I would have sorted the 2JZ's cooling issues out, some proper bonnet vents would likely do that. LS will be better in some ways though, lighter and better weight distribution if it's back close to the fire wall.
  13. So DCT conversions are being done in the US, I'm just finishing a 6L80E conversion behind a LS3 LOL.
  14. That controller system sounds brilliant, I have a LS3 in my 280ZX race car so a suitable DCT transmission would be needed too.
  15. They have a separate adjustable tensioner, the alternator is non adjustable I believe.
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