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  1. I'm looking at using a VQ37VHR into a 280ZX because of extra power and better availability here over the VQ35HR. Do prefer the auto so thinking of using all the stock wiring and electronics with a piggyback computer for tuning purposes, E85 and maybe a supercharger later.
  2. Been away for a while, that looks great Phil you might get some orders. Any pics of the finished job?
  3. What NewZed said "You could probably just get it running and clean it up for a small profit. But restoration will be expensive."
  4. Bin the whole rear suspension and diff for a start, mine has a S15 rear suspension and diff but the diff would not handle 700 hp nor would the axles. Basically what's required is the rear end from a comparably powered car. Big brakes required too plus body stiffening, really a complete re-engineer job.
  5. Better late than never I hope. Haven't heard of such a conversion but physically I'd be surprised if it didn't fit. As usual with these sorts of conversions electrics are the time and money grabbers. If it was mine a aftermarket ECU would be used, something like a Haltech which has the bonus of being dyno tune friendly. Good luck.
  6. The project has been revived 😊 There is lots of good advice above but the used engine market in Oz is a lot different to that in the US, basically more expensive with limited availability. So I decided on a Toyota 2.7 2TR-FE with matching 5 speed Toyota auto, both low mileage which is important. There is an aftermarket controller available for the auto which was a crucial factor. Motor will be stripped for forged pistons and con rods, not sure about which turbo at present, ECU will be a Haltech Elite 1500 which will run the VVT. Might start a build thread some time.
  7. Good to see you still at it with the Z Phil, we couldn't do Challenge Bathurst 21 this year due to covid travel restrictions.
  8. There is no full manual setting where it will over rev if you don't shift? Sounds like a cool car.
  9. On the DCT subject, it's not something I follow closely but I doubt that it would be financially viable to make the mechanical bits for a L6 kit.
  10. Why are viewers not giving likes here?
  11. US Shift also do a controller but for the Ford version the 2011+ 6R80, which I know nothing about, including if it retains engine braking.
  12. Mmmmmm, nice, what engine bay air extraction system does the car have? It's sooo important, both from a cooling and aero aspect to get that air out from there, at least as much as it comes in through the front. The design of which will challenge your original look requirement.
  13. Thread revive. Looking again at a ZF 6HP26/28 trans, it's viability has improved in that a bell housing adapter is now available for the LS as is a mickey mouse controller, the HGT GCU. Apparently these ZF boxes are exclusively trick inside in that shift speeds can be adjusted to near instantaneous. The car is a 280ZX 2+0 built for circuit racing.
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