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  1. Sorry for the delay but no longer have the car.. Ken
  2. All shipped for $36.45 via FedEx! Ken
  3. All PM's responded to.
  4. Hi, I will get you a quote ASAP. Ken
  5. Status updates added below: Headlight cover $40.00: Sold, Zetsaz/Ca 280z console lamp set w/ bulbs $15.00: Rear Tail lights w/ Reverse lights $75.00 280z marker light set $15.00 280zx marker light set $15.00 280zx turbo boost sensor $5.00 280zx turbo distributer $50.00: Sold, Jeff/ Fa 280zx intake manifold cooling fan timer $5.00 280zx lightweight AC Compressor (direct replacement for 280z) $50.00 280z AC Compressor $25.00: Sold, Andrew, Tn 240z side emblems (a few broken tabs but will come with 2 sided tape to affix) $15.00
  6. Working on shipping for brakes and Antenna
  7. Yes, both are: Engine Under Tray: $75 Washer Water Bottle: $15 Ken
  8. Misc. Z Parts for Sale. Assume all parts are from my 1978 280z unless started otherwise. All parts are used (except for a few as stated) and priced well below cost to me but open to BO or package deals…can provide more pictures of specific parts if an email address is provided. See link for available pic’s…will be loading up the remainder by this weekend. https://postimg.org/gallery/1kr7vy04s/ https://postimg.org/gallery/3dypy0ap8/ Headlight cover $40.00 280z console lamp set w/ bulbs $15.00 Rear Tail lights w/ Reverse lights $75.00 280z marker light set $15.00 280zx marker li
  9. Link to most parts: https://postimg.org/gallery/37lxxnzfw/
  10. Quick update on parts availability: Engine: 2.5 to 3” mandrel bent downpipe - $75 3-Inch Exhaust w/ Magnaflow Muffler - $75 Aftermarket Oil Cooler w/ adapter and hoses - $50 - Michael Electric Fan with shroud - $50 - Michael Water Injection System - $75 Drivetrain: Spec II Clutch w/ Fidanza Flywheel - $ 250 - Michael Front Disc Brake System (Toyota 4 piston mono-block 4 piston calipers, cross drilled rotos and braided lines) - $175 Rear Disc Brake System (brackets w/cross drilled rotos and braided lines) - $175 Suspension: Urethane Bushings all around Mot
  11. Hi all, I apologized for the delay as I have been travelling for the last 4 weeks. I have responded to all PM's, please touch bases directly if you are still in need of other parts. The complete engine w/ EFI system, trans w/ adapter, lsd and drive axels w/adpters have been sold but the front and rear brakes are back up for sale along everyting else listed. The only body part I have is the hood...the car is gone, I needed the space. I will post here as parts are spoken for. Ken 847 345-1215
  12. All - I'm traveling for business and will be out of the country for 2 weeks returning 12/18...will respond to all when I get back. I apologize for any inconvenience. Ken
  13. Sold: z31 adapter and trans - Kevin Z31 CVs, billet adapters and sub axles - Daryl Turbo Exhaust - James Entire turbocharged engine w/ EFI, FMI system and z31 LSD - John (James, not to worry about the turbo exhaust manifold, I will be removing as John I discussed). Pending: Front and rear brake systems, rear tail lights and headlight covers - Kevin 15" RBR Rims - Lance Tank sending unit - Daniel Thanks, Ken
  14. Stroker Engine, JWT ECU w/ wiring harness, N42 Intake, fuel rail w/injectors & pump, Turbonetics t3/t04E Turbo and intercooler set-up - sale PENDING to John
  15. Whole car no longer for sale. Parts for sale with commitments so far: z31 adapter and trans - Kevin Z31 CVs, billet adapters and sub axles - Daryl Turbo Exhaust - James
  16. Will prioritize sale of whole car first. Shipping form 60073 (round Lake Beach, IL) Console has a small unnoticeable crack, the bad part is that I had to make a 3/4 x 1 inch slot around the gear shifter (top) to accommodate the 280zx turbo trans when I had it installed. Door panels all other interior parts are in great shape. Also have like new steering wheel (not faded and rubber in great condition) - $100 "was blast..." you have no idea how badly this hurts Just happy to know these parts will end up in the right hands on HZ.
  17. Wow! Thanks for the interest...have trouble opening up my PM. Will respond asap.
  18. Unfortunately I am parting out my car due to 2 dead beat winning bidders on eBay. The car ran and drove great with no issues whatsoever. It was a blast to drive with plenty of power and a wonderful exhaust note… fairly new radiator, starter, alternator, brake and clutch master cylinders, clutch slave cylinder and NGK plugs. Just got done breaking it down and ready to ship parts out immediately/ local pick up upon receipt of payment (will still take $4000 for all). The car is complete with all upgraded parts installed within the last 10,000 miles and engine rebuilt in the last 5,000 miles.
  19. You should a have little over 1.5 mm below that P90 stamp on the right front of the head, at the bottom. My head is shaved .080 (2 mm) and it just cuts into the bottom of the numbers.
  20. Yep, broken ring land on #1...numbers look very similar to mine several years ago when I cranked my boost up beyond 17psi on a .080 shaved p90a head.
  21. I assume you are getting heavy backfires? Check your TPS.
  22. Anyone has a rear pic of the car above showing the duck tail spoiler...would like to see a pic of the rear spoiler installed.
  23. Looking good...how soon can we get some finish pics, price and availability?
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