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  1. Does anyone know where i can buy some Dellorto chokes for my 40mm triples? I presently have 30mm and looking to buy some 34's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S... i already checked with Alpha (ebay seller) and he would not sell just the chokes. thanks in advance.
  2. You've got it!! good luck!
  3. otm, i think i read a thread on that exact topic but i can't seem to find it... i can't recall if it was theory or if someone had actually done it. i'll try searching some more..... p.s... i'm into easier and dirtier... ha ha THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT!!
  4. clifton, that sounds like a great idea!!! i have been racking my brain for a week trying to come up with something..... good thinking! maybe it is hack, but it just may work. have you given much thought on how to attach the other strut? obviously it would be welded but to make it look "less hack".. ha ha.. i'm sure it could be made to look nice. i would like to hear more of your idea if possible. p.m. me if you would. thanks clifton!
  5. he did a great job but i don't want to go through that much work. that buick V6 swap is killer!! thanks for the heads up on the swap though!!
  6. thanks for replying vashonz, yes, that is what i had in mind. moving the entire strut assembly inboard a couple inches but not enough to change the location of the mustache bar. you do bring up a good point about screwing up the design but i'm not sure how much it would effect it by shortening the lca by an inch or two. maybe a suspension guru can answer that? thanks again!
  7. I have been searching for about a week and i'm unable to find out if my next project is doable. I am looking at mini-tubbing my z while still retaining the independant rear suspension. i don't think i will go the solid rear axle route if the irs can't work. the main objective is to install much wider rear tires, not for handling but simply for the look. yes, the bling factor. this is a street car only. my thoughts are to narrow the track using adjustable lower control arms and modify the weld-in camber plate install in order to compensate for a narrower track. i would also need to shorten the half shaft a bit as well as widening the inner wheelwell housing to make room for the wider tire. i would like to use a 335/35 tire. i'm sure this is far from an original idea and might have been done many times but i have not been able to find it searching. any advice would be much appreciated. thanks in advance!! if i am crazy, be gentle.... ha ha
  8. cage is real nice!! like to see more pics of the rest of the car.
  9. wow jon, this is a great thread and thanks for inspiring me (and i'm sure 100 other guys) to get off the computer and get busy!! thanks for documenting the project, very informative with great pics!! A+
  10. hey jeff, the power really comes on (relatively speaking) above 2000 rpm and has plenty of torque for drivability at even lower rpms. i am also using the aluminum flywheel (love it!!) and my triples have 30 mm chokes so throttle response, low end and top end are all pretty damn good. p.s.. of course my factory tach is not accurate so my numbers are approximate. good luck!
  11. This is my exact question? i realize this thread is old but has anyone relocated the irs in order to make room for big rear tires? pics anyone? thanks!!
  12. hey jeff, i went with the delta 280/460 lift camshaft. it is very streetable with no drivability issues what so ever... power is great and it has a slight lope but i wish i would have gone a bit larger because i like lopey cams... p.s... my setup is l28, ported mn47, triple dellorto's with flat tops... good luck!!
  13. ok thanks.... i was not sure i was going to get a straight answer as i have never dealt with him. thanks again, i appreciate it.
  14. Very, very impressive!!!!!!!!!!! Looks great!!!
  15. hello naviathan, i should have said i have a delta 280/460 duration cam. sorry...
  16. i'm going to be installing an fidanza (sp?) aluminum flywheel in my n/a z and just want to make sure it is a descent clutch. my guess is that it would be plenty because of the 240mm size but i'm currently "clutch confused"!! my combo: ported maxima head, l28 w/flattops, tripples, 280 cam and in a fairly light early 260z. thanks a bunch!
  17. Any guesses on what this car is going to run or does anyone have a similar combo with time slips? i plan on running it in the next few weeks and i'm just curious. i do plan on posting the et (if i'm not too embarrassed!) it is pretty quick so my best guess is low 14's to high 13's but i may be way off. also, any suggestions on what rpm to dump the clutch off the line (street tires) at the track? thanks a bunch!
  18. this thread is old but here goes.... did the larger tube header pick up any power with your combo?
  19. very interesting pics. i'm sure there are thousands of stories like mikes. every city has its problems but you are correct, lots of nice, hard working people in new orleans trying to get on their feet. more pics please!! thanks.... p.s.. i am about 120 miles from N.O. and was not effected by the storm.
  20. hizandherz, your combo should be real strong with an MS and a cool intake... i guess injection is the way to go but i like the look of the triples!!!
  21. p.s... i had to cut the head .020 to clear it... that was the first time it was cut off of factory specs. i do have a pretty good "flutter" when leaning hard on the throttle so i do have some tuning to do. i sinc'd them and adjusted the idle circuit but that is about it so far. first time with triples and i have a bunch to learn.
  22. hey pete, i ran the felpro gasket. i did not measure for an exact compression ratio but rather just went by what I read from mack, i fast z, braap and others in the know. should the power be around the 200 rwhp mark?
  23. Thanks!! yes, i'm using the stock diameter valves. I worked the chambers and bowls for the most part with just a little runner work. The exhaust liners are.... well... interesting!? Can't say i've ever seen anything like that before but as 1 fast z has written before they can still flow pretty well.
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