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  1. Sorry for the long delay guys but I've been out of town. I was able to get under the car and get some pictures to see if I am having any fitment issues. The attached images show the space between my CV adapter and my axle cup. The image that has the greater gap is the passenger side and the image with the smaller gap is the driver side. Keep in mind I have the axle firmly pressed in towards the diff when these pics were taken, the axle was NOT extended. I also attached some images of the angle of the axle on both sides. After talking with Keith it seems that the clunk at shifting I am getting
  2. So i took it around the block a few times today with no luck getting any good video of the sound. I did confirm a few things: The sound is only when driving straight and gets little louder when coming to a complete stop. The clunking/noise is surely coming from the driver side. It took a few rounds for the noise to get to a louder state. At this point I am thinking it may just be the cv that i did bust up. After all the Car in which all this came out of did have 190k miles and I only had the diff inspected. Tomorrow I'm going to take the cv out do some investigating and see if it has any slop.
  3. Ill get a video posted up tomorrow to try and get the noise captured. Also ill pull the axles mess with them and see how they feel and what not to see if the axle is busted. I hope I'm just going to worst case scenario and the diff is fine.
  4. The noise is primarily when driving straight.
  5. Well this is embarrassing and disappointing news. Im an idiot as I've stated before. I think i might pull them flip the cages and grind the axles down a bit. Hopefully it might take the stress off... If the diff is trashed would i have metal shavings floating around? Is it even worth flipping the cages and checking to see if tension and pressure is released? Thanks for your input.
  6. Ive read that flipping the cages doesn't always work and would like to do it right for sure especially cause I've learned that the 240's have less clearance. Any thought that the noise may be a busted wheel bearing? I plan to check the diff for metal shavings and what not, if it is clear of shavings could it be a good assumption the diff is fine?
  7. I purchased a 240z that had a r200 swap conversion installed including the CV's and Stub axles. I had also previously purchased an r200 CLSD and CV shafts. I went ahead and swapped in the CLSD I have known about binding issues especially in the 240's but when I measured the CV axles from the open diff compared to the CLSD they were the same size. There for i figured my car would not have binding issues. I had Previously heard a clunk and bind but i thought this was due to some play in the transverse link. Now that I've done more research I've discovered that my dumb ass should have purchased
  8. So I found a lower vin 1970 240z the vin is in the 1400's with a supposed 20ishk original miles. It's a really nice looking z the motor has been completely gone through, the frame/underbody is super clean, the paint is exceptionally well, and it's 100% rust free. There are only 2 dilemmas with the car. The first being that the exterior is blue and the interior has been redone as black. This means either it may not be the stock exterior color because the original interior was blue for the blue 240z's, does this hurt the value at all? It's just hard to get a good idea if this is true to color. T
  9. See that is the thing, i am planning on running an l28et with a R30a transmission so having the cv axles is important.
  10. I have done my research on this topic and i hate to start another thread but i am having a hard time finding a definitive answer to my question, specifically for my 78. Here it goes: I know that the r200 clsd out of the 87-89 turbo z31 models will swap into an s30 with the z31 billet adapters, it seems like it is a tight fit I would like to avoid axel wrap issues. I have read and heard several different scenarios to get them to properly fit. The first scenario that ive heard is that if you flip the cages with the z31 billet adapters the r200 will fit in. For the second scenario I have also hea
  11. So i recently purchased a 4/1987 z31 turbo 300zx donor for my s30 l28et project. Originally I planned to fix her up and make her my daily for a while, unfortunately the HOA has issues with my roomates and i having several cars parked outside. Therefore I have to pull the parts i need for my s30 so i can get it off the street. I know for a fact that i can use the transmission, differential, rear brakes, and ecu. I think i might have read once that i could use the axels and half shafts as well. Is there any other parts that you guys would recommend that i should pull off of the donor car while i
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