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  1. Please email me pictures as well gijohnny23@yahoo.com
  2. Stupid phone. That is good info to have. Can we get it.added to the sticky info in the classifieds if it isnt already?
  3. agreed with some of the previous posters, if they have all documentation including current wiring, it is pretty sweet. But trust me following someone elses "custom" wiring is a royal pain.
  4. Your car is quite the piece of art work.
  5. gijohnny23

    75 280z Dream

    After a small stent with a 240 back when I was 16 I had to get another one. 12 years later I have finally got another one.
  6. So I saw youtube video of a guy with the diesel om606 motor in it, and after a lot of searching I cannot find a clean cut manual transmission swap. I did see someone on here was trying to swap in a 300zxtt tranny to the mercedes motor, can anyone help or have some insight as to how to go about getting a manual tranny on the motor. I'm sure eventually their will be more questions about custom engine mounts and all of that, but that will be far down the road.
  7. Please tell me someone is in the works of putting the coyote in a z. When I was younger a 351 was my dream in a 72 240 I had prior to the army. 12 years a wife and three kids and a 75 280 later I really want some input as far as a how to. For me it's the gas mileage vs hp. Would I love 400hp at the wheels with 28mpg highway of course but if you haven't driven the new boss or heard the quad exhaust note I suggest you do.
  8. I would just like caveat this for the 85 300zx connector/alternator upgrade ie basicly every nissan plug up to 95 I've found. With the locking tang facing up looking at the connector backing. The left side is 12v ignition the right side is constant 12v. I still don't know if the constant requires some sort of resistance normally caused by the dummy light but for us 75 guys who don't have one I will be adding an led one soon. Mostly because I can't find the 77-78 voltmeter to install.
  9. I know this is an old thread but I've recently done an 85 300zx alternator swap. The problem is it doesn't use the t plug but uses a newer nissan plug and although it seems to be ok I do not understand why with just a turn signal on I can hear my fuel pump change flow with the blinker. This symptom is what lead me to the think the alternator in the first place. I then followed the shop manual and found my alternator wasn't pushing enough volts out. Under the new system I get somewhere in the 13.7v across the battery when idling and I do get a jump in the amp meter then it goes back to just a titch above zero when cycling lights and other things. On top of the fuel pump I noticed the higher load I have the lower my idle. To the point it has died at stop lights. Now I understand the higher load buts more pull on the motor but isn't there a way to increase the idle while under load? Similar to when the ac is on? Or should I just adjust my idle to compensate? Also this is an almost completely stock 75 280z with the five wire voltage regulator. The fuel pump is aftermarket as well.
  10. So here's my delima, I have a 75 280z with a bad alternator, I want to slightly step up to the 85 300zx alternator (already shipped) because I don't physically have it yet I do not know what the new plug style will be and our junk yard only has an 88 300zx, now according the nissan parts website the 85 alternator partnumber is the same 83-86, so i'm just wondering if anyone knows if the plugs are the same so I can snach the 88's
  11. I need help and apparently am too new to make a new topic. I have a 75 280 that I've swapped an 83 booster and mc to. Since I'm using the stock proportioning valve it seems the chamber for front and rear are backwards on the 83 compared to the stock is this correct? Also for the life of me I cannot get one of the lines seated into the master cylinder. When I tighten it it leaks u der pressure. This is a bran new line pre fabed from autozone. The stock was replaced for the very same reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Like the one I turned in for core, before I decided to put the new one on. But I'll look around thank you for the help.
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