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  1. Your resistor wiring sounds correct. I'm not following this line: However i then accidentally flipped the rpm potentiometer from PNP to NPN and the tach stopped working again. Can you elaborate on what got flipped?
  2. You should be able to hook the dizzy up and spin it by hand out of the car and see an rpm signal in tuner studio. I am confused because the first post says the dizzy optical circuit works out of the car, but how did you test it? I would get the dizzy to trigger megasquirt on the bench first. Then move back to the car without any spark stuff setup and make sure the trigger still works.
  3. I finally got caught up with the new site structure and moved the stickies to the FAQ area. You can see the FAQ uses the same subforum layout so you can find all the stickies under FAQ/Engine Components/EMS/Megasquirt.
  4. Sounds good. Once you get that to match then switch to your real timing table so advance at idle is around 20-24.
  5. When your engine is idling at 800rpm now, what it the timing advance the light shows? I would expect it to be around 20-24BTDC on an L28ET.
  6. This is not much help, but we just assembled my friends MS2 a week ago and we had a tough time trying to get megatune to work and firmware ini files correct. So we used Tuner Studio and it was a snap, it is a much better piece of software. It does most things automatically for you like finding the correct com port, correct com settings, correct ini file, etc. It has worked so well for me I plan to recommend it to everyone and skip megatune.
  7. You should be able to start with anyones basic L28ET map, the difference in pistons is not going to matter. Just pick one and start tuning.
  8. I got my v3 mainboard built and put the MS3 processor on. I loaded the 1.0.2 firmware. The instructions said the boot jumper is not necessary to load firmware, but it was necessary to load it on my board. I tried a couple times without it and the loader output errors. With the boot jumper it worked fine and now I can see it working with the stim board and tuner studio. Next step is to add the MS3x expander card and look through all the features. I have to get my current settings from MS1 extra manually entered into MS3. So far so good
  9. Do you have the v3.0 main board configured for optical trigger input?
  10. The problem is that the 6 tooth wheel works for installs that use the distributor for spark. If you want wasted spark or sequential spark you need an indicator for cylinder 1. You would need a missing tooth or a different kind of trigger wheel like EDIS 36 minus 1. So if you are going to run standard spark using the distributor then the 6 tooth CAS wheel works. If you want anything else you need to tape over one tooth to have 6-1 or some other trigger wheel on the engine. Nothing that I am aware of on the 360 tooth wheel can provide location info so it doesn't help much.
  11. I would love to go and finally get to meet everyone in person, but it conflicts with my schedule this year.
  12. Thanks for the kind words, but a lot of other people have already put tons of work into MS3 so hopefully I won't suffer the pain like some of the early days with megasquirt.
  13. This is going on my turbo 5.3 lm7. I plan to use a lot of features that I have never tried before like: boost control, idle control, trans brake and two step, blended fuel tables for my 150# injectors, and of course sequential injection and spark. I feel like I'm stepping out into the real world for the first time, exciting.
  14. My MS3 kit arrived yesterday from DIYautotune, fast shipping as always. I have been looking over the features and it is impressive. I have a lot to learn, but it will be fun. I'll post some updates as I start to work with it.
  15. Here is the best post I found about ignition load on the msextra forum: http://www.msextra.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=131&t=36692&p=252965&hilit=load#p252965 Looks like if you set load calculation to speed density then 100% = 100kpa, that makes sense why people with 4 bar map have 400% = 400kpa. And Good Luck
  16. I have an MS3 on order and hope to start through these issues next week. Hopefully I will become more useful for MS3 questions in the next few months. I will be in the same boat so we can bale water together
  17. Without knowing much of MS3 yet I would say that most people are entering 400% because they probably have 4BAR MAP sensors. I could be wrong.
  18. That would be great Rick if you could give some feedback. I am going to be overwhelmed for a while because we also ordered an MS2 for my friends car. Between getting the MS2 and MS3 both installed and tuned it is going to take a while to learn what I can do with each one.
  19. I have spent too much of my time dealing with the cheap end of things. It is time to step up and use a more capable EMS and tuning package. I like to see Phil Tobin get back a little money for all the work he has put in over the years. The simple and cheap stuff use to work for me while I was learning, but now I am ready for the bells and whistles. I need things like fuel pressure logging, trans brake inputs, boost control, idle control and others to make a complete good running car.
  20. I put one on order and registered tuner studio, will be fun to see what it can do.
  21. I got some inspiration and sold a bunch of parts out of the garage so I can get this car going. So today I put an S475 turbo and JGS 50mm WG on order. This time I will be using AN-6 oil feed for the large T6 turbo. The List of things to do to get this car running: Install new wastegate new turbo should be drop in replacement for the old, we shall see Start tuning That is it...I already had everything working on the car with the old turbo. I think I'm getting excited and if you know me that is rare
  22. Excellent. This is looking more like I will want to order one for my turbo 5.3. I am currently running MS1 v2.2 if you can believe that, which has several short comings.
  23. Rick, Have you installed the MS3 and played with these individual cylinder trims? I did not want to order one until I had better input like this to convince me that I can control the 150# injectors at idle/cruise. What you say sounds really good. The LS1 intake has problems with the rear cylinders so this would also be a great help.
  24. I did not know that. Thanks for the heads up.
  25. I'm not even sure it helps with huge injectors. I have been researching that because I have 150# injectors on my 5.3. With injectors that big it doesn't really matter that you give it a fine resolution pulse, it can only open and close so fast which means you get a lot of fuel and you can't control it. It would provide the ability to time the injection pulse with valve events which may help with huge injectors, but otherwise it doesn't seem worth it. I think MS3 is for the crowd that is bored with MS2 and needs something to tweak. Like you say, it will work well for economy so that may be the bigger crowd for MS3.
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