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  1. thanks for uploading these. Great reference. I'll add mine tonight.
  2. Dusty - are you able to fit the 350Z rotor/caliper setup behind a 15" wheel? Any chance you could post a few pictures of the setup? Thanks.
  3. bump - I'm looking to sell parts but I still cannot post in the FS section.
  4. Thanks all. I'll be back at it again this evening. The camera will roll. Updates are forthcoming.
  5. I'll stick this here knowing the subject has probably been beat to death already. Recently rebuilt mikuni 44phh carbs and added a Schneider 270-80f cam to E88 head, 2.6l block. Fuel pressure is at 3.5psi. The car started a little rough with a lot of backfire through the carb. I thought of the dizzy being 180 out but confirmed it wasn't. I have start to play around with advancing the timing. Initially it was idling at 0deg and rough, 2-3000rpm would hit 15-18deg and smooth out the roughness. Fuel pressure is at 3.5psi. I currently have the: Mikuni pilot screws are all out 1.5 turns. Idle sitting 1000rpm 15 advance at idle 2-3000rpm advance is probably at 30deg (off the scale) Still getting backfire through carbs particularly on cylinder 1 at idle. Next steps tonight are too sync the carbs, adjust with the idle on backfiring carbs - am I missing anything? I've attached an idle video and picture of jet sizes. Any input or comments would be helpful.
  6. Finally got back around to working on the 240. New fuel tank installed. New cam in engine. New AL rad with electric fans. Header rewrapped and new gaskets. Mikunis rebuilt and cleaned up. New gear gearbox installed. Here's a few pictures and a link to the 1st start up last night. A lot of popping and some backfire through the carbs. Seems like I have some timing adjustment to do and possibly some jetting. Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. https://youtu.be/LmnCTdqFS1Y I'd like to finish up a couple jobs underneath the car tonight to get it back on the ground. Hopefully gt it out of the garage under power this weekend.
  7. Found some time to get the Schneider Cam installed. Need to check the lashes and we'll be good. Hopefully get the rear main seal changed, the gearbox installed and the engine back in this weekend. BONUS: Got a new toy for the brewery workshop.
  8. Slow progress on the garage renovations and busy season at work combined with bad BMW head gasket severely delayed the 240z & 280z hillclimb projects. The countdown is on to the 2016 NEHA season so I'll be sticking with getting the 240z upgrades complete and hopefully have some time this summer to keep tipping away at the 280 build. The 240z list as it stands: Rebuild Carbs. Replace original rad with aluminum rad & electric fan setup. Install newly acquired 4-spd dog-gear Quaife gearbox. Remove original fuel tank - install 10 gallon fuel cell. Install new cam - Schneider 270-80f Find a dyno and tune Some progress in the last couple of days.
  9. Background: Long story short, wasn't interested in cars until I got screwed over by a dealership replacing an alternator shortly after moving to Maine from Ireland. Found a '84 300zx for $300 on Craig's and proceeded to teach myself the dark arts of car wrenching, and consequently fell in love with Z cars/Group B/Rally/Hillclimbing Fast forward a few years, I picked up a 1970 240z with some track prep work done and it begun: Cars 1970 240z: 2.6l engine Mikuni ph44 carbs Battery relocate. MSD Ignition Rota Grids with Toyo Proxxes Put cosmetic (Flat Black paint), small amount of mechanical work (New clutch, relined tank, new Holley Red FP, FR, SS lines) and new shoes on the car to prep for the New England Hillclimb Association 2015 season. Work and life got the better of me and only got to one race. Car performed pretty good and the driver got a lot better over the weekend. Couple of issues raised their heads over the race weekend: Keeps popping out of second gear. Power-band not right. 1st, 2nd great to 6500rpm, go to 3rd and bogs down bad. Last two races, kept stalling in low rpm and overheating - I believe this was from running out of fuel and picking up something in the carb. Need a full roll cage if I keep racing it; wife and kids agree. The last bullet is how I happened upon the 280z. After pricing a cage and always being on the hunt for a deal I came across this 1976 280z in a wrecker yard in MA. Something caught my eye on the Craig's post - I had been lurking on Hybridz for many years and thought had seen the chassis before. Upon viewing it was indeed one of RB240zDET's builds. I was able to get the car and good price and figure the project would be worth my time. 1976 280z - as it stands: Tubular frame chassis. R33 rear subframe and R230 diff. RB20DET engine mated to GTS trans. Lexus SC400 front end. Probably a bunch more I have yet to document. Link to PO frame build thread: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/102035-rbs-builds/ Link to RB20DET PO: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/94498-just-a-few-pics-of-what-i-have-been-up-to/ Current Winter Plans: 1970 240z - Clutch fan delete./Install aluminum rad and dual fan setup. Find a 5-speed (Anyone got one?) More aggressive cam for hillclimb racing Carb rebuild New fuel cell and sender install. Go racing 1976 280z - Verify and finish engine wiring. Get engine to run or at least show some life. Pull said engine and trans. While deciding if to keep engine or not; fix some weld, blast frame and prime. Select engine. (Open to offers on the RB20DET if anyone is interested.) Build monster. Go racing. Garage - 100A Subpanel 5kw Heater. 40A circuit 208v for welder. A few 20A 110v circuits. Insulation Sheetrock Paint Some sort of shelving system for organization. Any comments, suggestions, critique is welcome. Seán
  10. Subscribed. Looks good man. I was just about to start my thread about my Hillclimb 2016 car - looks like I'm a little behind the eight ball. Mine also includes a garage cleanup/insulation/heating along with the cars.
  11. Found it, left the vacuum line off the brake booster. Sounds like a fuckin' champ now. Thanks for the insight though.
  12. Recently replaced my fuel system on 70 240z. Started it back up last night after a few months of been idle. Started up a little lackluster but nothing uncommon. After two minutes of rough idle the carbs started to stutter or burble. I'm adding links to the youtube clips I took. I didn't run the engine for much longer just incase. Fuel system: tank - filter - pump - regulator - manifold - carb - carb - carb. Any thoughts? https://youtu.be/holqzub_U8w https://youtu.be/UyFgPYs0-fA
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