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  1. 200mm Clutch and Flywheel - $150 Alternator - $30 Starter - $30 Distributor - $100 E88 Head - $350, comes with Schinder 270-80F installed & stock as a spare. Schneider Cam - http://schneidercams.com/270-80_FL6.aspx I will be updating this thread later tonight with more pictures and parts. DM for any questions, open to offers Buyer pays for shipping and paypal fee. Crypto Accepted: BTC or DGB. Shipping from: Maine, 04074 Thanks for looking - Seán
  2. bump - I'm looking to sell parts but I still cannot post in the FS section.
  3. 1976 Datsun 280z chassis. Located in Scarborough, Maine This is most definitely a project car. The car chassis fabbed from 1.75" x 0.090" DOM tube and 2" x 3"x 0.125" stock. Front end is from a Lexus SC400. The rear end is from a R32 GTR. Doors, Hood and front fenders will go with it. PM me for any further details. Here is some pictures from the previous owner: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/102035-rbs-builds/ $2000 or best offer.
  4. Tom, 250hp - 300ft/lbs rated. Car takes a little bit to get going but once it's there you're golden. I had a sprung hub and it ran fine. Shipping is $100 with UPS ground.
  5. SOLD This gearbox was installed in a 1970 240z for the 2016 NEHA Hillclimb series. I only got to do two races this year and as a result it has seen very little use. Super quick shifts and great dogbox noise. Straight-cut gears, dog engagement transmission. Standard H-pattern. Gear ratios are 2.04/1.54/1.21/1.1 with reverse. 8.25" input-shaft to be used with stock Z pilot bearing/bushing. Datsun L series bellhousing. Direct drop-in for 240/260/280Z. Weight with bellhousing and adapter is 78 pounds. This gearbox will come with a balanced Taylor Racing Z Driveshaft (they maintain and stock spares for these gearboxes). In very good condition and ready to go. Price - $3000 plus shipping.
  6. did you ever get any recomendations on a datsun mechanic in Maine? I'm also in Maine (southern).
  7. Thanks all. I'll be back at it again this evening. The camera will roll. Updates are forthcoming.
  8. I'll stick this here knowing the subject has probably been beat to death already. Recently rebuilt mikuni 44phh carbs and added a Schneider 270-80f cam to E88 head, 2.6l block. Fuel pressure is at 3.5psi. The car started a little rough with a lot of backfire through the carb. I thought of the dizzy being 180 out but confirmed it wasn't. I have start to play around with advancing the timing. Initially it was idling at 0deg and rough, 2-3000rpm would hit 15-18deg and smooth out the roughness. Fuel pressure is at 3.5psi. I currently have the: Mikuni pilot screws are all out 1.5 turns. Idle sitting 1000rpm 15 advance at idle 2-3000rpm advance is probably at 30deg (off the scale) Still getting backfire through carbs particularly on cylinder 1 at idle. Next steps tonight are too sync the carbs, adjust with the idle on backfiring carbs - am I missing anything? I've attached an idle video and picture of jet sizes. Any input or comments would be helpful.
  9. Finally got back around to working on the 240. New fuel tank installed. New cam in engine. New AL rad with electric fans. Header rewrapped and new gaskets. Mikunis rebuilt and cleaned up. New gear gearbox installed. Here's a few pictures and a link to the 1st start up last night. A lot of popping and some backfire through the carbs. Seems like I have some timing adjustment to do and possibly some jetting. Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. https://youtu.be/LmnCTdqFS1Y I'd like to finish up a couple jobs underneath the car tonight to get it back on the ground. Hopefully gt it out of the garage under power this weekend.
  10. Found some time to get the Schneider Cam installed. Need to check the lashes and we'll be good. Hopefully get the rear main seal changed, the gearbox installed and the engine back in this weekend. BONUS: Got a new toy for the brewery workshop.
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