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  1. Hmm, that's a good idea. I'll look into that one.
  2. Hey all, I made and sold carbon fiber velocity stacks for DCOE and Mikuni carbs here a while back. That endeavor actually led me to start a company BlackBox Mfg. focusing on using additive manufacturing to reduce the cost of carbon fiber products. Since then I've had a number of interesting projects including a swingarm for lightning motorcycles and sit-ski's for the U.S. Paralympic Ski team. I figured now was a good time to reach back out the the Z community to see what parts you might want made. My in-house tooling methods limit the size of what can be made inexpensively and there already a number of people making body panels, so I'm thinking smaller than that. Let me know if there is anything you'd like made and I can figure out a cost. Best -Will
  3. I believe the welds cracked from the impact. Looking at the size of the dent in the frame, I suspect that the bike went reasonably high in the air before falling on the edge of the vault. A simple fall would not have cracked the frame like that or dented it for that matter. The bike also didn't get too hot. As you can see the actual heat damage was pretty small, and that part of the frame was actually pretty far from the flames. I will revive the bike, and I think I'll be leaving the burned panels on, hehe.
  4. My SV is dead. Last night around 9:30 the super in my building came to my apartment to tell me that my bike was on fire. Fearing that it had spontaneously combusted due to my poor wiring skills I ran outside. When I got out I discovered that my bike was on fire due to no fault of my own, or my bikes. As it turns out, a buried transformer flooded with the heavy rain we got last night and exploded. Apparently someone decided it was a good idea to have a gas line run in the same vault, which I parked above. The two, 300lb concrete and steel vault covers were blown into the air and my bike went with them. One went high enough to damage scaffolding that was 8' in the air and then land on an adjacent car. My bike then fell into the vault where the gas line continued to burn for many hours. Eventually the fire department hooked it to the ladder and hoisted it out of the vault. At night in the rain it looked like the damage might not have been that bad, but looking at it this morning, it became clear that it's a total loss, with the frame cracking at the two right front welds. Now I start the process of going after ConEdison. Luckily a friend has a sandy damaged bike that I could likely steal the frame from. Carnage below... Videos to follow
  5. When this car is complete it would make for most impressive Tuned episode ever!
  6. Did I just spot your intake manifold in the Drive miata video featuring CJ Wilson racing? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8EsO83qRYEk
  7. the build area is about 11x6x6. Honestly what I would do (and have been doing) for the larger parts is to print multi-piece molds and make the actual part out of CF or fiberglass. I've also had good luck with gluing ABS together to make a single part. Shapeways is a great service, but you certainly pay for what you get. What temps are you looking at with the pyrex? I like inventor, took a while to get used to it because I come from a Pro-E background, but it's pretty powerful.
  8. I've got a makerbot Replicator dual and a Relicator 2x, designing using Inventor
  9. FYI I have a couple of printers and have been running off small parts for people. I made these for a '70 challenger convertible top.
  10. I put adults behind me in my 2+2 and I'm 6'2", but this was in college so people put up with being cramped, haha.
  11. Now up for sale! http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/114496-carbon-fiber-webermikuni-velocity-stacks/
  12. Hey, I'm going to start producing and selling velocity stacks for various carburetors. I've made a few sets for DCOE 45's and 40's but right now I'm borrowing people's cars for test fitting. I was hoping to pick up a carb body for each of the following. I don't need a carb in working or even particularly good condition, just something to use for pure test fit purposes. I figure someone must have some of these lying around that they're not using. Weber DCOE 45 Weber DCOE 40 Mikuni/Solex PHH 40 Mikuni/Solex PHH 44 Eventually I'll be looking into the larger DCOEs, but that should suffice for now Thanks.
  13. Oh I get what you mean. Yeah that first one would be tricky. It could be done, but only with a consumable mold, which would increase the production cost pretty rapidly. Elliptical wouldn't be hard at all. Thanks for the info, definitely useful stuff. To start out I just copied an existing standard Weber stack, but I will be looking into other geometries.
  14. I likely can because I'm using multi-piece molds (the ones above are 5 part for example) . If you sketch what exactly you want I'll let you know.
  15. I will definitely be offering them to the public. I haven't quite decided on a price, but because of the method I'm using for moldmaking, I'll be able to do any design you want, different lengths, taper, ovalised, curved etc. currently trying to nail down my costs for custom molds.
  16. Slip in, I can make bolt in ones as well though. The ones in the pic are 45's, I've started making 40's as well, like the first two in this pic
  17. In case anyone was curious what I was up to...
  18. I'm working on a project with webers, and need velocity stack dimensions. I only have weber 45's on hand, and was hoping someone could take a couple quick measurements for me. For the slide in type velocity stacks, I need the inner and outer diameter of the part of the stack that slides in, as well as the depth of the same. On the 45's the ID is slightly greater than 45. This is a fairly critical measurement, so calipers would be the best way to measure it. Thanks!
  19. So It's been a little while since I've updated this, but I've got a little progress to post. The mounts are welded in, at least as much as I can get to without pulling the engine back out. It will certainly be enough to start it and get it running well before I paint the engine bay. I also followed Austin's lead and cut the ends off of the stock headers and welded some bends on there to clear the firewall so I can start the thing without burning up the car. I'll be tying into an existing LS exhaust at some point.
  20. After entirely too much fiddling, it turns out the trans had to move down a little bit. I ended up making some spacers to drop the tail of the tranny, and therefore the throttle body, a bit. Also made some inner plates for the trans mount. Going up to test it today.
  21. The car is no longer on their website, wonder if they sold it?
  22. I dunno... There's a guy in NY with a 400hp sr20 in his that twisted the car enough on the dyno to crack the body under the door. He said he watched it happen. Can't wait to see this thing finished though! Gonna be a monster! Also, that radiator looks silly with that engine, haha.
  23. Fiddled with it a bit yesterday. For the engine about .5" lower and further back. Still just barely hits the hood but its not bad now. What's keeping it from going lower is the engine cradle/mounts/isolaters, nothing is hitting. I'm either gonna trim the hood or look into slightly shorter isolaters or both. Here are some pics of how it sits now.
  24. Dino from speed hunters said in the comments that he was told by rocky auto that they built it, which is the thing I think many have a problem with. speedhunters_dino 376 pts P1 Race Photography oops indeed. Seems he's not only playing the market as I was lead to believe something else... Edit: it's worthwhile noting that Dino has been covering the RA cars with exclusive shoots for a while, for both Internet and print magazines, and his articles are reproduced on Rocky Auto's own website where they advertise these cars for sale. I'd say to dismiss him as "Internet blather" is a bit unfair. Given the info he HAD been given about the car I think it's fair to say he was a bit misled.
  25. No, just the engine mounts on the cradle, the mounts and cradle are slotted, so I think if I slide the isolaters up I might be able to drop the engine a bit. We'll see
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