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  1. What is the correct way to mount the fog lamps? Do you just make a bracket and rivet it to the inside of the nose? One "expert" says that there is a metal arm from the lower radiator support going forward to the fog lamp hole.
  2. Try the dollar-bill test before you try the hose test, just in case.
  3. CableSrv- It's the inner seal, the fat one. socorob- It sounds like you need to adjust the lock latch, or the handle pushrod.
  4. A company called KEAS in Australia makes performance parts for the Jatco transmissions, and was able to send me a bracket so I could use a B&M floor shifter with cable...
  5. It turned out that the Ford Escort wiper motor is just about the same size and bolt pattern, and even has it's own auto-park! But the wiring would need to be figured out. It has a ground, and one wire for low speed, and one wire for high speed.
  6. I ended \up using a pushbutton lock from Tuffy Lock, and making a new arm for it. I painted the pull with chrome paint, but you could probably chrome plate it.
  7. Are you guys sure that buying headlamp trim rings will actually work for you? What I mean is that each car is pretty much a "one-of" and you rivet on the tabs for the headlamp cover screws pretty much where you feel like, so ordering trim rings probably won't line up with the screw holes on your car- so you really need to have them made by hand on-the-spot. But what I was thinking of doing would probably work You put a few layers of duct tape (or posterboard?) on the headlamp cover, overlapping the edges, and trace around the cover to get the size & shape you want, and make a te
  8. I still need some information on wheel offsets for 15 inch wheels.
  9. I think mine is finally done? Mine has totally stock Zed equipment. I think I will add a diamond vinyl floor cover with carpet 'floor mats' and a carpet rear deck. I'd like to add the Alphabet gauge pod after or with restoring the dash. I don't think I will use the scuderia badge, as I have a family crest that actually looks similar (yellow field with a black horse and great dane.) I'd like to thank everyone for the input over the last few years, such as John Washington ar Reaction Reseach, Jim Simpson who made the kit, SpeedRacer, Boy from OZ, and Here Comes Trouble for all
  10. Trevor- Thanks, but I don't need the plans. I need a photo of the bracket, preferably sitting on a bench or table, for reference.
  11. Does anyone have some photos of the Honda door lock bracket? I have a guy that wants to build a few, but he needs some photos to go with the plans.
  12. Does anyone have some photos of the Honda door lock bracket? I have a guy that wants to build a few, but he needs some photos to go with the plans.
  13. Higuys- Does anyone know how to make the Honda button brackets? I need a set ASAP.
  14. Higuys- Does anyone know how to make the Honda button brackets? I need a set ASAP. Please PM me if you can help. ThxZ
  15. I fitted the Tuffy lock too. I had to make up my own arm to push the latch down, but it was not hard. It'ss too bad they don't give you any rubber pads. I had to make that too. :/
  16. there was a recent post on classicZcars that states the Sportage seal can be used on the hatch as well. I think that means you use Sthe Aportage hatch seal on the S30 hatch?
  17. If you buy the TUFFY pushbtton locks... Don't take the screw off the arm! If you take the screw off, the whole lock spring & cylinder will come out, and you'll never get it all back in. (I spent two hours trying.) If you must take the screw or the arm off, pull out the shaft, then use a small vice-grips to grab it so it doesn't go back in, then you can remove the screw or arm. Otherwise, the Tuffy lock is compatible with the other similar pushbutton lock I got recently. The the finger pull plate will fit right on, and I didn't need to cut any slots. You do need to p
  18. I saw a photo of a Datsun valve cover that was modified to resemble a Ferrari valve cover with black wrinkle paint and a Ferrari logo. Has anyone seen it, or have any ideas how you could do all that? The black wrinkle paint sounds easy, but what about the lettering? IMO< t would probably need to be cut but of thin plastic (heat-resistant) or metal glued to the paint.
  19. I have a few extras that I am already incorporating, like the hatch latch and door locks. I think I will leave the Italian-type instrument panel for next year. "People" only care about engines, mostly.
  20. FWIW, it seems like you can get two tyles of finger pulls, side... and top/Bottom. http://www.tuffyproducts.com/p-148-topbottom-finger-pull-lever-for-pushbutton-lock.aspx
  21. I'd like to keep mine simple. Why did you modify the gas cap pocket? I assumed the supplied Le Mans gas cap would fit the pocket as-is. Otherwise the Factory Five gas cap interests me. It seems to be what matches the description in my Blue Ray assembly manual.
  22. My car is going into the shop finally and I couldn't find my hood hinges. I think I sold them to a Corvette guy. Do you remember what year Corvette were used for the GTO hood hinges? It's not mentioned in the Blue Ray assembly manual. Would you happen to have any more photos than the two of the improved hood hinge mounting bracket? The drawings of the door handle bracket were very helpful too. I just need to buy more Honda key blanks. Thanks and Merry Christmas everybody
  23. there's a guy in FL that is selling the reprodution hood clamps, called Don Peckelton, and he used to own ##3527GT. Isn't that neat? I'd have a milion questions for him, like can I borrow his number to number my car 4343527GT, or something (my vin is HLS30-434056. He mentioned Joe Alphabet came to look at his car...
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