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  1. Drifter- The GTO didn't have a iffuser, but it did have two air dams; one under the front by the radiator, and one just before the rear axle. (from Ferrari 250 GTO, Pourret)
  2. I bought one lock, and it looks like it should fit the hole for the Datsun lock withough any modifications. The lock's arm will need modifying, or rather just a new arm (I think.) The arm needs a square hole to key to the lock, but the lock has the required 90-degree movement for the hatch and doors. I also bought one of the "grab handles" for the hatch. The grab handles are black, so they need painting or chromeing. I might get two more handles if I feel lucky & use them on the doors. I just can't tell how you'd re-key the locks for the same key, but I think a locksmith would
  3. I finally found a pushbutton lock that's in stock! http://www.truckoutfittersplus.com/store/topper_parts_t_handle.htm#th10 You'll need to redesign the door lock mechanism, but it'll work, probably. It's designed like the Datsun hatch lock, but with a long threaded body, much longer than the MGA boot lock, and it's made in the USA!
  4. I would like to ask if anyone would please submit a few photos of the conversion process, so I could 'sell the idea' to a friend that's interested in helping me out. Maybe we could build two! Photos: front clip installed Rear clip installed door skins installed hood hinges attached to chassis THanks!
  5. It looks good. We need locks for the doors too. Maybe those would work if you redesigned the door lock bracket.
  6. That looks good mate, but can we make it work on the doors too?
  7. Higuys, My body shop guy was not of the opinion that you could NOT "glue" a iberglass body shell (the rear one) to the Datsun." He thinks epoxy, 'glass and steel DON'T cooperate. And would rather pop-rivet the shell on. What is the current spec on the adhesive used to bond the GTO shell and such to the body? Thanks, I need to catch up after all thime I needed to chase down all the little parts for this project.
  8. I"m still trying to collect enough Honda trunk locks to finish my project. I need two more. Does anyone have any extras? (In any useable condition, the one I have has some light pitting) OTOH, I was looking for alternatives, and found this: https://www.rvsupplyparts.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=8464&gclid=CNn-n_3vqrsCFUpnOgodukUAsA It doesn't use a pushrod, but maybe the seller has some or knows where to get some?
  9. Thanks for the tip, 78Z/250. The red brake lamps would be fine, and the price is not bad, but you can't get amber lenses, and you still need something else for the front turn signals. What are you using for the fronts? I looked into some vintage-style Lucas lamps, but they are just a few millimeter to big to fit the front holes. Right now I have a set of old MG lamps, but I don't like the rubber boots they use to hold the lenses on. They look too fiddly or weak.
  10. Thanks for the information. I have a set of 55W driving lamp now, and they don't really help. IMO, you need at least 100 watts.
  11. To add to that from my GTO book: It was the final GTO with the 1962-style body. Purchased on 6. Sept. 1962, it was painted Rosso Cina (China Red) and was LHD. It finished second in the Tour in 1964 (same drivers), and was featured in a a British magazine that compared it to the Pontiac GTO. It was recorded competing in various rallyes and hillclimbs, and had only one recorded accident during competition. So why was it so valuable, besides it was the last of the '62 bodies with a '63 chassis? Staring in 1964, the GTO bodies were noticeably different, so that might be the reason.
  12. I didn't see the serial number mentioned. If you know the number, you can look up the car's history, so see what events it was in, and why it is so valuable.
  13. Yes, My kit had no lamps, so I need everything. I'm referring to the two clear rectangular driving lamps on the nose. I'd appreciate the information, and if you can a little description of how they were installed.
  14. Hiya mates, I'd like to ask about the front turn signal and tail lamps for the GTO conversion. Real GTO lamps are rare and expensive, but vintage Lucas ones are not. Would you please tell me the exact diameter? I have a set of (MGA?) lamps but the black boot holding the lens looks odd. I'd like a set of Lucas lamps, but they look like different diameters, and eBay sellers tell you "about 2 3/4 inches" is the exact diameter. cheers
  15. Hiya mate, Don't forget the cardboard paper on the floor, for the authenticity. I need a set of the driving lamps for the kit, what can you suggest? cheers
  16. Me too. I need one more door lock, and it doesn't have to be perfect. The other one I have is from a 1978. thxZ
  17. We are discussing this and documenting it on classicZcars.com also. Most people have the 1978 (with the federal setup) www.classiczcars.com/forums/engine-drivetrain-s30/45070-gm-hei-upgrade-78-280z.html
  18. I hope the Admin can look into this problem. No one is getting sounds, so most new people don't stay longer than a minute or two. SuperDan visted once and discussed the problem, that it was something the IPBoard server itself does, and probably not a problem or setting on our personal computers, like not having Shockwave, Flash, or media/sounds support. Those of us that are regularly using it really appreciate the chatroom, and I'd invite everyone to join and get to know those people that you only see via an avatar or posts...
  19. Would the Admin please look into this problem? The Chatroom is a popular place lately, and without the sounds, you have to watch the sreen constantly, and not move away from the computer.
  20. When you cut the body over the rear wheels, so you have to use the 'supplied emplate?' I didn't get a template. Instead I got some sketches showing a cross-section of the metal in the area and a note saying to just cut the body to be even with the top of the wheel well, then cut the slots to bring the metal out to the outer body for welding. You could easily make a mess of the opening, unless you had a good eye for curves. I'm not even sure what kind of material the wheel well template was made of. It could be card, paper, or something with adhesive? Can anyone suggest a suppl
  21. Where did you get the outside door handles?
  22. Higuys, I was using chat over the winter, and aboput a week ago, the sounds just stopped. Yes, I checked the sounds ON button, and the speakers are on, etc. All I get is the first doorbell for the first person that comes in after me, or a tick if someone types a message. No sounds after the first sound. Are there any software addons needed to get the sounds in the chatroom? I use fitrefox, but I tried all the browsers, different computers, etc. with the same result. I also have jave, shockwave, flash, and all the recent updates. I know it's something simple, but what?
  23. Is anyone familiar with the KA engines and their 4 speed automatic transmissions to confirm or not that it could bolt onto the L28 engine? Those transmissons are much more available than the Maxima 4N71 units. thanks.
  24. Instead of using the TPS for WOT tuning, it would bet better to use the transmission kickdown switch, which only clicks at the last little bit of push on the gas pedal. The TPS closes at about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way to WOT. the only alternative to that wold be a disk attached to the throttle linkage with notches or holes that would be sensed by either microswitches or optical sensors.
  25. I watched it on theSpeed channel. It's too bad they didn't cover the GTO race, or even the Cobra race, which would seem more appealing to Americans.
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