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  1. I have a pair in good condition, removed to do my 5 lug swap. I have all the brake parts to go with them too.
  2. I have a set, complete strut housings with brakes and everything too if you're still in need.
  3. Couldn't you cut it out from generic flat stock? But I think a lot of people don't want to use that stuff since it's like a sponge for moisture.
  4. I have an entire R200 swap but its a 3.545, you want a 280ZX or 300ZX one I think.
  5. What car does that come out of?
  6. I think the cylinders are different between different years no?
  7. I have what you are looking for. PM me.
  8. So you got all your glass? I have quarter windows with the frames.
  9. Greddy diff cover is pretty darn strong... I have a spare diff if you are interested in building it up and then be able to swap.
  10. I have one as well.. and the entire R200 swap set too.
  11. Sent you a message. I have some coilovers and Tokico adjustables that are right in your budget.
  12. That's gonna be something custom. 13" wide is wide...
  13. Just to give you an idea of how much flare and cutting you need to do. I think there's another pic of the car with the zg wide flares attached.
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