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  1. I have a great pair for sale shoot me an email of what you think is fair for them and all the hardware to datsundriver88@hotmail.com -Jeff
  2. I have a nos dash in black, email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com if you are still looking for one. Thanks -Jeff
  3. I've got a nice big Garrett turbo that is around those sizes, was rebuilt before being run on a mustang motor for a few months (still in perfect shape) and ceramic coated cold side as well....you can email me at dataundriver88@hotmail.com and I can get you pics and more info. Thanks -Jeff
  4. I've got one for 200+shipping from 75056, just email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks -Jeff
  5. I've got one, don't remember where I got it from but I have it =)
  6. I have a nice front from an earlier 240z and possibly a rear from a 72 as well. Shoot me an email to datsundriver88@hotmail.com and I can get you some pics. Thanks -Jeff
  7. I have a few cowled fiberglass ones if interested? Just email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com
  8. Shoot me an email with a picture as I have a parts car I am cutting up... Datsundriver88@hotmail.com ...Thanks -Jeff
  9. Pretty sure I have one, shoot me an email to datsundriver88@hotmail.com thanks. -Jeff
  10. I have all the linkage from a 71 that I can sell for $20 shipped. Email datsundriver88@hotmail.com thanks. -Jeff
  11. I have a twin turbo stainless manifold...email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com for more info/pics. Thanks -Jeff
  12. There are a ton of differences on the interiors....The door panels alone there are like 5/6 differences. If its a 78 you are better off finding a car of that same year but parts do vary alot on the inside.
  13. I have a few Bob Sharp Racing pieces.....if the price is right then i would part with them. Email me at datsundriver88@hotmail.com -Jeff
  14. I have some like new/NOS door panels in almost perfect shape for that car if you are interested. Email me at Datsundriver88@hotmail.com thanks -Jeff
  15. The dapper hids are ridiculously amazing, i honestly wouldnt own another z/zx (or car with 7" rounds) without them, they not only look great, they work amazingly, never had any issues with mine that i got almost 2 years ago and been daily driving the car since.
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