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73 240Z VQ37VHR Swap Build Log

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With the free time I've had due to being unemployed from this crisis I have had the time to put in some good hours working on my 240Z.  I'll start this thread for my plans of my build in the long run:

1. Complete chassis restoration, rust removal, minor chassis strengthening

2. Stock VQ37VHR (using ZFever wiring harness and McKinney engine mounts)

3. CD009 6-speed transmission (using McKinney trans mounts)

4. Complete suspension overhaul with coilovers and TTT or Apex Engineered front and rear pieces (either a R200 or Ford 8.8)

5. Complete re-wire of the rest of the car (simplify the wire harness, Honda wiper and blower motor)


The past few weeks have been reserved for completely stripping the car, finding damage and rust, and getting it ready to get sandblasted before going to my body work guy. I decided to avoid doing any sort of write-ups or videos on the chassis stripping because for the most part this is a pretty easy to disassemble car, but if you've got a rusty Z I suggest having a good deal of your favorite beer nearby and be ready to snap at least 25% of the bolts on the outside of the body.  Interior removal was pretty smooth and can be done easily with simple tools and buddy to help with the dash and glass. GET A GOOD ORGANIZER BIN AND A TON OF SMALL BAGS TO KEEP TRACK OF BOLTS! One of the Z parts websites sells bolt kits, but having the originals well organized makes it easier if you plan on reusing your bolts and screws.


Here is my Z sitting in the garage before starting the work. As you can see I have a pretty basic workstation, but my buddy who owns the garage has the other wall lined with toolboxes and equipment. Got the VQ37VHR sitting on my engine stand there on the left (Only 25k miles, pulled running from a rear end totaled G37, pretty lucky find)



Old Engine Removed. At this moment I still have the engine for sale and will probably post it here soon. It's a running L28 with ZTherapy SU carbs connected to a 4-speed trans.




Some bad rust on the front main frame rails, both sides. My floor pans and their respective frame rails are also kinda garbage, so I got a new set of floor pans from Zedd Findings and I am about to order the Baddog Frame Rails and rear subframe connector soon.




Got the interior pretty much stripped down. Still need to remove glass, headliner, and steering column, then strip and remove the doors



Fenders off. Need to find a way to modify that cowl drain, who designed it that way????


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Picture of my dash, original with no cover. Developed it’s first and only crack about 2 years ago. Hopefully I should be able to fill it in with some bumper repair and some texture paint.



Interior sound deadening/tar may removed using the dry ice method. I highly recommend doing this with dry ice which I got from my local CeeKay.


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