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  1. Well, a few nights a week I valet at a local upscale restaurant. This of course always produces some good humor for me and a few friends that work there. Inevitably you have one person a night just waiting to give you a good laugh. It usually comes from the guy who is so paranoid leaving his Benz with you or something, when you know he is probably leasing. Like last week a guy in a new Cayenne turbo puts the keys in my hand and whispers, "I'll be watching you." LOL Anyways, lately I have been bringng the Z to work and parking it up front in our valet circle, just to see if I can generate
  2. Hey I have no power to the lights with the switch off. When the switch is turned on it gets power. So I think the ground must be somewhere else? Garrett
  3. OK, headlights don't work. WHen I turn the switch they get 12 volts, so they have power. the headlights are not bad. When I manually ground them out they turn on. SO somewhere in the circuit they are not getting grounded. where could this be? Please help! Garrett
  4. Cody, did you do this porting in conjunction with other mods or alone? The reason I ask is because I want to know how much of a difference it made. Was spool up significantly quicker?
  5. I wonder if the air dam on that thing could be made to fit a 70-76 Z? looks pretty sweet!
  6. Well Mike, I could go the "builds character" route but instead just look on the bright side . . .your catastrophe involving the rotor/torch/hammer didn't involve your Dad's vette which resides in the near vacinity to your out-of-control, whirlwind project(i.e. pandora's box) I bet you've been living in that garage haven't you?
  7. Jersey, you certainly have my attention with that downpipe for the T-5. I would love to work something out with you. PM me if you want. thanks
  8. now lets see that thing in action
  9. Brad, I really would like to know whether it can fit around the T-5(as that is what I'm running). I know when scottie made his for the nissan tranny it wouldn't fit for the T-5. Let me know, I am interested
  10. Hmm... after I posted the first time I went back out and played with it some more and eventually it hooked one time and screwed down tight. so now I am doing the other strut and same thing this time! It will not tighten down. There is a gland nut, a spacer that slides on top of the cart. itself and then another washer. without either spacer the nut screws into the housing just fine but once I put the neccesary spacers on there it won't tighten down. Neither threads in strut or threads on gland nut appear damaged and the old gland nut screws in just fine. ideas?
  11. Hey Guys, I am replacing my old struts with aftermarket stock units from autozone(cheap). the new gland nuts that came with the new struts will tighten down some and then when I continue tightening will pop and then be loose again. These new nuts are threaded more than the old ones, don't know if that makes a difference. At any rate I cannot use the old gland nuts, they don't fit over the top of the cartridge. Any ideas here? Thanks
  12. Ok, I put the L28 turbo in my '76 280. the car has run for almost a year now so I know that fundamentally all my wiring is fine. Recently through the winter the car ran like crap. It was misfiring terribly and running really rich. It really seems that I was having spark problems. so today I swapped out plugs wires and put in a new MSD Blaster coil for some extra juice. Now I'm not getting any spark. I'm not sure if this is a potential wiring problem or what. I hooked up a multimeter to the + and - sides of the coil when cranking the ignition and didn't get anything. One ad
  13. only misinfo on Z-gad's post is that the 84 z31 was not water-cooled. They began with the 85.
  14. To answer the original question, I dropped a stock 82 zxt motor into my '76 and ran it in Alabama. The car has 2.5" mandrel exhaust and a k&n. Stock boost, the car ran a 14.9 with a bad 60' time, So i think a 14.7 was possible.
  15. I dropped a bone stock 82 zxt motor in my '76 280z. with 2.5" exhaust and k&n I ran a 14.9 with a crappy 2.26 60' time. This was with stock 7 pounds of boost. with good launch I think it would have done 14.7. intercooling and boosting to about 12 psi should drop you a second or so. Garrett
  16. Hey I just wanted to verify. On the stock zxt afm . . . tightening the dial will lean the mixture and loosening it will richen the mixture, is that correct of do I have it backwards? thanks, Garrett
  17. I just got in yesterday from the meet in Alabama and i thought that my suspension was bad before, Well 1400 miles and drag racing later, my car is nearly undrivable it is so bad. I am in desperate need of someone who would be willing to sell me some components for cheap. I need shocks and springs all around. I just need something to get me back on the road, it doesnt have to be super high-quality stuff. Anyone? Garrett
  18. So I am knee deep in both my '82 and my '76 these days . . . Its rather comical doing this swap in my garage in the Chicago ghetto, all these people walk past and see me working and ask me," Is that a Z-28?" or," Are those Porsche's?" Its made for much amusement . . . But at any rate this is my first motor swap and I wouldnt mind some favors from any that would like to help, I am right at the point of pulling the motors and could use an experienced hand from close by to help me out for a day. (Evan are you out there?) Also, I am debating going the SDS route and woul
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