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  1. Has anyone replaced their clutch master and the stock washer bottle wouldn't fit back in? What bottle did you end up using?
  2. I used this stuff on mine about 10 years ago. The areas I patched still look great, only problem is the rest of the foam is 50 years old, so it eventually cracks in new and exciting places. If you're able to, get a dash from Hong Vu or one of the other ones supplying it so you don't have to go through pulling the dash again.
  3. I just ran across this, I can't believe it's been this long. Still love the Z. The only thing I have done to it in the past several years was recovering the Miata seats with upholstery from lseat.com. is this site still active?
  4. look around march 2014 posts. I ran the flexible lines around the back on a 78 280. Very tight, but it can be done.
  5. I have the Bruno knob controller and Saturn steering box. When you 1st start the car, it takes a second or 2 to come on, but after that, I have never noticed anything weird feeling about it. I have it set really low.
  6. There is a guy that sells a kit on one of the Z facebook pages that has all those parts to rebuild the hinges.
  7. Just push it as far up as possible and use a block to scribe the shape of the bottom of the car to it. Then get out the grinder.
  8. I used the eastwood on my car. It has the consistency of water, so cover under the car when you spray it because it will start coming out of all the holes, seams, cracks, etc.
  9. Hybridz facebook page for the chit chat? The forum for the data and info?
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