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  1. japanparts999

    Skyline Chassis Dimensions

    what would you like to know I have one here in so.cal if you want to measure it or get some weights for you ?
  2. japanparts999

    RB25 Swap parts

    Will keep your info if I do an S30 RB swap in the future.
  3. japanparts999

    RB25 Swap parts

    I have this for sale and Im in so.cal 200ZX-R crossmember and motor mounts I'd be able to put something together for you if we work a deal out motor is still in the car Im parting out.
  4. japanparts999

    RB25det top mount turbo exhaust manifold

    Like this ?
  5. japanparts999

    RB25 swaps stuff

    just seen you're on the other side of the country.
  6. japanparts999

    RB25 swaps stuff

    Im parting this out............
  7. japanparts999

    I Am Looking For An R-200

    Might have an R31 if you're still in the market ?
  8. japanparts999

    Fake brembo's..........

    Posted Image What we can gather from the news site is that the whole operation isn’t as shady as you would imagine, as the makers of these imitation brakes actually has a showroom, warehouse and a workshop! The shop owner, known as Chen, mentions that the brakes are even used in some Macau races. Even more worryingly, Chen has claimed that he has exported quite a number of these counterfeit brakes to Malaysia. The reporter has also noted that the warehouse has stocked a lot of these counterfeit brake calipers and disc rotors, which they suspect might be for wholesale purposes. Posted Image Chen does not counterfeit only Brembo, as he claims that he also produces AP Racing brakes and other well known brakes. Several experts has voiced their concerns over these fake brake kits, as using imitation brake kits can cause fatal accidents, since they do not stand up to the strict quality control Brembo and other manufacturers impose. So guys, if you do happen to come across some brand new, but dubiously cheap Brembo brakes, please proceed with extreme caution, as these counterfeit brakes do not perform like how the originals should. The car’s braking system should not be taken lightly, as this is a matter of life and death. Photo credit goes back to Apple News HK. The original article can be found here http://www.zerotohundred.com/2014/auto-news/psa-found-cheap-brembo-read-this/#.U-srgmButcu :banana:
  9. japanparts999

    1981 280Z fairlady (RHD) L28 S130 part out

    Car is long gone and sold.
  10. Gone. thanks car is sold.
  11. Yes they are power fender mirrors. price for the set with harness and controller. $249 shipped for the set.
  12. japanparts999

    1981 280Z fairlady (RHD) L28 S130 part out

    also the fender mirrors are power ones.
  13. japanparts999

    1981 280Z fairlady (RHD) L28 S130 part out

    I will post pix up and let me know your offer I'm sticking with that this is an open diff and in the rare case it is a LSD i'd keep it . I will get around to wrenching on it to get that case open and take pix.
  14. japanparts999

    1981 280Z fairlady (RHD) L28 S130 part out

    pm replied.
  15. sold.....................