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  1. artishard116

    Cages - Experiences wanted

    Just went through the (many) pages of your build, looks great! Thanks for the insight.
  2. artishard116

    Cages - Experiences wanted

    Anyone have suggestions for the roof gussets for the main hoop? Haven't seen any examples of this.
  3. artishard116

    Front sway bar mounting

    Thanks for the input, I've heard of that method as well. Will look into something better than what's there.
  4. I've been trying to understand the front sway bar (1") mounting point my car came with, and whether it's sturdy enough. I'm familiar with the bad dog mounting method where the bracket wraps around the frame rail, but in my case it looks like it's just moved over slightly from the factory location. About to starting some metal work on the car and wondering if I should cut this off or leave as-is.
  5. artishard116

    Bodywork game plan for new project

    Haha yes, I’m all for function. Also don’t plan to ever sell this thing but we’ll see. Did you do much chassis reinforcement? Not sure if the frame rails, etc are necessary on a 280. Better to overbuild I guess, in case i want to up the power down the road.
  6. artishard116

    Bodywork game plan for new project

    Yeah I guess I was thinking I could do that stuff after an initial primer coat and just spray can prime the areas I needed to grind, but this sounds smarter. Thanks again. Any suggestions for holes that can be filled while I'm at it? I know it will vary a bit depending on the build. I've been looking at the floor pans and wondering if all those holes are necessary...
  7. artishard116

    Bodywork game plan for new project

    Appreciate the advice, looks beautiful out of the tank! I also wondered about those pinch/spot weld areas. So you'd suggest taking care of all the hole filling, chassis reinforcement, etc, before stripping? I sort of wanted to find out if there were any catastrophic surprises hiding under paint before I went that far, but I guess it doesn't matter. I'm probably already in this for the long haul haha. *Could I ask where you got the bath done? I'll be looking for places around the bay area if I go that route.
  8. Hey everyone, I have a new project 280z and am looking for a bit of advice on how to progress. I've been reading as much as I can on the forum and build threads. Not new to cars, but this is my first project of this magnitude. The car seems sound structurally, all of the usual problem spots are solid. It's currently sitting completely stripped except for the doors, with the body panels and glass removed (but resting in place). A bunch more pics can be seen at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1kilb77s5otd5l3/AAC5oOHGWWXdiqU_hs8Atwx4a?dl=0 I would like to take it down to bare metal and go from there. I've been looking into either blasting or chemical dipping. I recently had a guy from a local restoration shop come take a look at it. He said he would sand blast the unseen parts of the car and use a combination of aircraft paint stripper and sanding on the body panels to avoid warping. This sounds logical to me however in the front frame rail area, where the tow hooks are, a lot of rust/dust fell out of the holes as those bolts were coming out. I’m worried there might be more spots like that that could rust from the inside out if I only address the surfaces (hence the dipping idea). Looking for a second opinion on this. My tentative plan so far is: -Strip shell to bare metal -Epoxy primer -Test fit engine and drivetrain (RB most likely) -Strip down to shell again -Send off for final primer, paint, body panel alignment, undercoat, etc. -Reassemble I also am planning on doing the below steps but I'm not sure where they should slot in in the order of things: -Welding up unneeded holes (rear bumper, remaining side-marker, antenna, door mirrors, interior holes left from bolt-in roll bar, hacked up interior speaker holes) -Rear half cage including harness bar, tying into rear strut towers, roof -Possibly weld-in camber plates, unsure how I feel about the bolt-ins that my towers are already cut for In true "while you're in there" fashion, I'm also considering: -Bad dog frame rails -Support connecting rocker to upper frame horns (will also be using strut tower tri-bars) Also possible: -Replacing all removable body panels with carbon/composite and then painting Anything I should add to these lists? Is my game-plan stupid? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  9. Oops, my apologies. Thanks for the help.
  10. Somewhat specific question but does anyone know if it's possible to swap the rear wilwood caliper from AZC with the integrated parking brake caliper that T3 uses? Do they have the same mounting points? My car came with the AZC kit but I'd like have that functionality. Thanks.
  11. artishard116

    Very clean 280z dash

    Came with a car I purchased and I may be going a different direction with my interior. I’m told it’s original. Including pics of the only marks I can find. Thanks.
  12. artishard116

    76 280z California car rust free roller plus more.

    Paid a deposit down on this today.