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  1. Agreed! Have a lot to figure out still including fuel, wiring, cooling... may be a while until first start. I did hear about a 2nd caliper option for the AZC stuff, I think they were even selling one at some point.
  2. Thanks for the kind words! Whole motor build is right above your post... do you mean running? It's all sitting in a garage right now until I can get back to work on it. Regarding the AZC stuff, the main things were that I wanted an integrated e-brake in the rear calipers, and I also wanted to do away with the stub-axles completely so the rear end kit from T3 made sense.
  3. Would be cool to get a reference list going of which areas to address so nothing gets missed. I'll be tackling this in the next few months and can report back.
  4. Intake manifold coming together. Fitting the dbw throttle required making a weld-on flange. After some deliberation I decided on this gunmetal metallic powder coat. Exhaust manifold and turbo/wastegate mocked up. Plumbing the lines to the turbo. Test fitting fuel rail and Injector Dynamics injectors. Some PRP goodie
  5. There's a curved piece of metal going in there, if I'm understanding correctly.
  6. I always knew I wanted a Z with an RB heart and when researching engine builders, R.I.P.S. Racing in New Zealand kept coming up. I got in touch with Rob there and was quickly sold due to his knowledgeability, track record, and willingness to walk me through things (answer one million questions). He assured me that they ship motors all over the world, and that it wouldn't be a problem getting it to California. He was also kind enough to document basically the whole process for me. The brief was to be in the 500hp ballpark with an emphasis on response and reliability. Based on those factors I en
  7. That's a great idea, you could probably sell a fair number of those. Maybe with some tubes to sink through the rails to prevent crushing them.
  8. Even though there's a ton of bodywork left and probably a decent amount of metal work, it's hard to overstate how exciting it is to see this thing in primer. Yes, my rear 'axle' cracked.
  9. The dipping stage. Not too many surprises but for reference, this what a 'rust free' California car looks like. All in all I think I made out pretty well compared to others I've seen. After dipping, the car went down the road to VersionEx Auto (also in Eugene). They assessed the damage for me and patched some of the roughest areas. Previous owner did a pretty messy job of cutting the rear fenders and repl
  10. Next step for the car was a trip up to Eugene, OR to Metalworks for an acid bath. At this point I'd be heading back to Europe and saying goodbye to the car for a while, so before that I threw on some shiny parts for a test fit and some glamour shots. Seat clearance. These seats are pretty tight even with all the work I did but I think everything will fit. The driver's seat is almost dead center with the wheel. Plenty of headroom though.
  11. Ha! That was the first thing to go. Thanks a lot for all the advice/inspiration. It's coming together. I have a bunch more to share to bring this thread up to date.
  12. A pair of 300ZX TT rear hubs I cleaned up, painted, and added long ARP studs to. Might be letting these go as my rear end plans have changed. Some more T3 stuff shows up. Not happy about the McDonald's colors, but will fix it later. I hadn't welded since college but my friend left his gear at my place so I thought I'd get some practice and do some stitch welding here and there. Ended up doing nearly every seam in and out with the exception of the areas front and rear of the strut towers. Custom rail
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