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  1. I haven't been on HBZ for a couple months, log in and what shows up in new posts? RIP JohnC. One of the HBZ regulars I always had time to peruse the tech posts of. It's a bit late this few weeks later, but my condolences to the family.
  2. Highest I've heard an L series 6 was my old Laurel L20A at 6K. It came cammed low, took off at the lights like a scalded cat, but fell flat on its face once it hit 110Km/Hr. Cruised just sweet and would go up the bombay hills without dropping down a gear, but it wasn't set up for spirited driving.
  3. Plenty of L series up to 9000rpm around. It's just not so common in the US because most builders there have the Smallblock V8 mindset where displacement and torque determine power. Lotus would have stifled in the US, and TVR... those countries with a culture of small high revving engines are more likely to go for revs. Ever heard an A12 scream at 12000 revs? That's Hayabusa territory, but has been done with OHC old school fours.
  4. Printed plastic comes out pretty smooth these days, why not print in plastic and use that as a male mould to pour a female refractory cement casting die?
  5. For every nugget, there is a ton of dross to sift through.... IF you can recognise the difference between fools gold and real gold...
  6. Good Danny Devito movie tho... Through IIRC you didn't have the same title in the US as we did here... Army Intelligence vs something else for you.
  7. Ouch, I hope you guys are alright. How'd it happen? "Hey Bubba, Hold my Beer" moment?
  8. Every head can be ported... And Great Condition equals the block covered in rust? No signs of oil or rags in the intakes/exhausts... so I dred to think what the bores will be line on the cylinders with open valves.
  9. When I saw the title, I thought a Gunny lost a Rocker or something...
  10. You MIGHT be able to find a factory VG turbo set off a Nissan Leopard in japanese auctions and have that shipped over.
  11. All RB blocks fit all RB trannies. they use the same bolt pattern for the bellhousing, and also interchange with the RD series (Diesel) engines. The only thing you need to watch for it shifter position, not whether they fit the block.
  12. Interesting how different countries have different standards for what is usual in insurance. Here both the cars I pay insurance on, the farm van my mother and sister use as a daily driver and farm hack, and my daily driver, a 1985 honda accord, are on agreed value. So the van, which I bought around 10 years ago for 7000, with agreed value of 7000 covering it as per the finance companies insistance to cover their asses if it got totaled with money owing, now has a market value of 2000 or so and a depreciated agreed value of 5000.
  13. Another thing to remember is dynos have a variable setting called the "ramp rate". Different shops with the same brand dyno but different ramp rates will return you different HP numbers. If you're going to use different shops, tell them the ramp rate to use so there is that one less variable.
  14. Yellow varnish that GETS on the head, as opposed to deliberately applied at assembly? Just checking, are you sure you aren't talking about baked on oil from a leak somewhere?
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