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  1. I’m in , where do we send payment ?
  2. Im going to be switching to 40s over the winteron my stock L26, but i have a feeling im going to wish i just left my holley on ....idk about triples but i see guys all the time having issues with them ....the holley i want to get rid of i dont like the look of it under my hood, but it is super low low maintenance ....set it and forget it
  3. RIP Joel ...sad news indeed
  4. It’s been a long time trying to find one of this ...but the falcon has finally landed Pretty bird ...
  5. Star road grill kit with deletes and valance finally installed . Just gotta tweek it a bit and it will be perfect .
  6. Rob L

    P90 head

    I got one , i sent you a pm about it.
  7. I can log in no problem, but if i type this site in my browser it comes up not available... the only way i can get to this site is google search it then click the link.
  8. Shoot this whole time? I would have never used photo bucket in the first place if I knew that ...oh well you live, you learn
  9. Unfortunately I am one of these old fashioned folk who has no idea how to post pics, unless there is a post pic button like facebook or instagram has that I don't know about lol
  10. i was able to block any emails from this site to my email so i do not receive any notifications anymore ...let me know when the software is fixed and i will unblock.
  11. Looks like photo bucket killed this build thread ...i do not know how else to post photos on here unfortunately. Sucks because i'm about to start my engine build ...oh well if anybody is still interested i will probably post the rest of my build on instagram....
  12. I don't know anything about them ...jdm parts would be the people to ask ...also this guy on dpan says he can get the exact same ones he is in japan ...here is his info : Jamel Lopes Anyone interested in ordering a set, please send me a PM. I sourced these for Pete Smith and can get more of them. The cost for a set shipped by EMS 3-5 day delivery with tracking is roughly 730 USD. (Payment must be made in JPY by paypal so USD price is just a guide) LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 15 hrs I have been getting used OEM ones for that price off yahoo auctions ..with some minor flaws.
  13. I'm putting this link here for those of you who don't know that jdm car parts is bringing in repo's that look close to the real thing . https://jdm-car-parts.com/products/reproduction-jdm-headlight-cover-for-datsun-240z-260z-280z
  14. I guess I didn't explain it ...I mean deleted your account and create a new one so your not on the list ....bypassing the repeated pms ....it will take more then multiple pms to get rid of me lol
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