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  1. That is an amazing build thread, thanks for sharing. I'm feeling inspired to make some headway on my 240z project. I did not know that rubber grommets and gaskets could be printed! Wow.
  2. I did notice the new tools, they really know what they're doing. I wasn't implying that they weren't any good, but rather that even the pros aren't perfect. I especially liked that the camera person showed the wall clock at the start of patching the drivers side quarter panel and again when they were almost complete. No 'Hollywood time' on this build! No worries about English subtitles, I am able to infer a lot of what is happening from their hand gestures and tone. Can't wait until I can get back into them later today.
  3. I watched episodes 1-8 in one sitting! Binge Datsun. So good to see the pros making mistakes too. Cut too small or couldn't make a tape template work and had to start over. Gives me encouragement in my project. Thanks so much for the time it took to put these together and post them!!!
  4. The headers look very similar to other s30 LS swap headers and the reason I'm interested in these is that they are designed to fit the Z32 5 speed transmission from a 300z that I have behind my LS3. https://www.lojkits.com/collections/headers/products/test300zx-lsx-swap-headers-by-kooks
  5. I just saw this thread and am planning the same setup using an LOJ Kits adapter. Have you mounted the trans and how was the shifter location? LOJ and xcessive both make shifter relocate kits. https://www.lojkits.com/products/300zx-shortened-shifter-bracket-z32-manual-transmissions-1 https://xcessivemanufacturing.com/nissan-drivetrain-chassis-engine-vg-trans-n-vg-sb-s.html Cheers, Shawn
  6. That A/C bracket and diff carrier both look like stout pieces. Nice work.
  7. I'm using an adapter kit provided by LOJ Kits. I'm able to keep the stock z32 bell housing and use a clutch/flywheel as provided from them as well.
  8. I am swapping an LS into a 1971 240z and am using Johns Cars (JCI) engine mounts and a low mount alternator. I'm going to be using a z32 5 speed transmission but since this has a smaller body than a T56 it shouldn't be an issue. Looking to see if anyone who got in on the header group buy from a few years ago has since gone turbo and has these headers for sale. Shipping to either Havre, MT or Canada, whichever you prefer.
  9. Looking good John, I can't wait for that shotgun ride we talked about!
  10. That is Sung Kang's car "Fugu Z" that won SEMA crowd favourite in 2015.
  11. I already thought you were doing amazing work. Then I saw your numbered (preset) vise grips! Well done sir, well done.
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