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About Me

**2016 edit.
I'm looking for people around montreal (where I'm at) to be able to exchange information about people or places that would be knowledgeable about Z cars.   please Pm me if you happen to have something to say about this.
end edit****


I bought a 1983 280zx in 2014.  It has a 95% perfect body (2016 edit-90%, but working on it), and an Megasquirted engine that had been rebuilt for a bit more performance, but that badly needed a tune (2016 edit-that's what he told me; it's only part of the problem, I think, but i'm still not certain what else it needs to run well).  

I've been working on the tune for a while now, but I believe some mechanical issues are in the way (spark plugs fouled (on cylinder 5 and 6 only), probably injectors not working properly (2016 edit-they are fine; I tested, cleaned and tested them again).  and god knows what else).  Slowly troubleshooting those.  

I have some other minor issues to fix with the rest of the car (leaking windows, worn suspension, etc), nothing worth mentioning in depth.

I plan on eventually getting it on a dyno to make certain all is well programmed and that I get the most out of it. 


As for me, well, I'm from Montreal (south shore), Quebec, I have a wife and two kids, a 2006 Mazda 3 for lugging those around and the 280zx for the rest of the time. 

I work with kids with intellectual disabilities and their families during the day, spend the evenings and week ends with the family, and once everyone's in bed, I either jump on the computer or go in the garage until it's way past bedtime.

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