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  1. Incredible work, I had aspirations of using one of these turbos years back but nobody could figure out how to make one work!
  2. Yeah, not bad at all. The good news is I found my problem. I inadvertently cut my ECCS relay power wire. Nice job. We're back up and running now.
  3. Aw man, I just induced the same problem on my ECU. Apparently the Ford Lightning sensor ground doesn't like to be hooked to the ECU. What did you end up doing for repair?
  4. Nice ride Mike. You guys have great taste in cars. Also nice to hear a real account of the problems with the old car too.
  5. Nice looking car! I would plan on upgrading if I were you. It shouldn't take you too long to hurt the stock axles.
  6. Pretty awesome man. Merry christmas to both of you!
  7. If you are currently happy with the power it makes, why are you messing with it?
  8. Gonna be a tough sell IMO. Good luck with the sale man!
  9. Your cams won't be your limitation. I would leave them stock in that situation. I still run stock cams as a matter of fact.
  10. You have a picture of it? I wonder if you can identify it through the hole where the starter mounts. I had a lightweight flywheel on my motor and it did look quite a bit different than the OEM one.
  11. Zgrip is great stuff. Sands easily. I agree with ^. First thing I noticed is that your body line isn't as sharp and it will be very noticeable. If I can see it in a picture in primer, it's going to pop bigtime in paint. Also, are you using rattlecan primer? It would make sense for you stop doing that and prime each panel with a good epoxy primer. Many paint companies don't approve of that type of primer under their topcoat. Just trying to save you some trouble.
  12. That's too cool, I had no idea what it even was when I first saw the pictures. You are right, that kit price seems pretty darn reasonable.
  13. First off, welcome. Nice vette. I would suggest keeping an eye on the classifieds here for a candidate for a car. I have seen quite a few nice cars sell for short money around here. Ricky is a great guy and owns this joint; http://rawbrokerage.com/
  14. All I really did was take a small piece of aluminum and drill two holes in it. Threaded one hole for the bolt from the fuel rail and one hole drilled to bolt to the oem rail mounts. Pretty easy stuff. I also welded up the feed hole and tapped the end for NPT but that's not something everyone would need to do. It doesn't look as good as the old pallnet rail I had but it works!
  15. Chad, I modified an RB26DETT rail to fit my rb25det with bosch injectors.
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