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  1. What WB gauge are you using? I thought the special thing about innovates gauges is that they connected to the LC-1 via it's interface, not it's outputs. Also, when using the LC-1 with MS, you have to change the output to 10:1=0v and 20:1=5v for it to match up with the basic LC-1 configuration I believe.
  2. That was freakin funny!!! Get an ipod (for cheaper!) and crack it to install iPhone apps!
  3. Spindle pins are still available from Nissan, and they're not that expensive. I hope you all got a strong enough bolt, otherwise I hope a bump won't shear them off.
  4. Who in their right mind would ride that?!?! Jeez! 502ci between your legs doesn't sound fun, especially with some funny gas...
  5. As stated above, isn't it practically an SR20/KA box? If so, the same things should apply.
  6. Inversely right? Highschool I played Halo tournaments, got a decent amount of money from jocks and nerds alike that way.
  7. I'm not into MMORPGs or RPGs (video games) for that matter, but I do dabble in Munchkin (both cards and board game), Ninja Burger, and Arkham Horror (more a board game but still very RPG-ish) every once in a while with some friends. One of my friend's tried teaching me Magic. It's so god awfully boring...
  8. Inspection lids are molded to the hood. It looks sweet!
  9. The general consensus is to run whatever you want as long as the crank pulley is a damper (not solid billet). I know there are different sizes of pulley's available, and according to a local guy, Rebello sell's a race only setup that has trouble with either charging or water flow at low RPMs (hence the race only part, but I can't remember which of the two). They also sell a streetable setup.
  10. Looks great! Sounds awesome! Especially when you snap the throttle! To get more of a sensation of speed, mount the camera higher pointing slightly down. The more road and less sky it sees the faster it will seem. Or mount it to your bumper/airdam
  11. I don't know if it's any different for the RWD guys, but rocker arm stoppers are generally considered bad in the FWD SR20DET crowd. You're better off replacing a broken/popped off rocker arm then valves, pistons, rods, and heads that could end up damaged by using a rocker arm stopper. Also, again, in the FWD crowd, it is not uncommon to see +400hp with just things like injectors, turbo, and EMS upgrades. No need to even open it up.
  12. KAs aren't engines that rev. Congrats for revving yours to 9k, and having it last 6 months. I'm sure you were making a lot of power up there. My stock fuel cut on my FWD SR20DET is 7700rpm and the motor will probably outlast the car.
  13. Have you changed the diff oil? It might be too old or too low. I don't think it's healthy for a diff to get red hot. Also, all turbos came with an 3.54 R200, and the final drive on the trans is 1:1, so yea, it does need another gear by today's standards, but the diff's speed is dependent on the car's, not the engine's.
  14. How do you even get a car up high enough to use those? Ha! I like how "Your Price" is higher then "List Price", at least they're being honest!
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