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  1. I guess they now what commonly is used thickness vise to create that multilayer windshield as they are just so many raw glass thicknesses. Compared to what I measured could be in manufacturing tolerances, over the years the glass is flowing also so maybe a bit from here and there.
  2. Front is 6,76mm and rear 3,85 mm acc. to the glass manufacturer. I measured the following front: 6,52 mm and rear 3,66 mm. Hope this helps.
  3. Seems that finally after a massive covid delay the first one got delivered. A friend of mine received its package this week: I hope the ones who ordered got theirs, too. Maybe I´m swapping out mine during the winter, as the car is finally road legal since last friday. So I postponed my own delivery a bit.
  4. I send the list of people willing to buy one to the manufacturer a couple days back. They finished calculating the shipping costs for all outside Germany and will contact you individually via given email address. Leadtime is three weeks. If all who send me a message are staying committed we´re making it 😄 Thank you all. Dennis
  5. Alright guys, the final prices are here. Frist there is still no supplier for the raw glass the manufacturer would need to produce lighter door glass or rear hatch glass....they are still working on it thou. But they will go in production with the windscreens now. There will be two thicknesses available. One that consists of two 1,6mm panes which actually got a bit cheaper and one that is made out of two 2,1mm panes. Both blue tinted like OEM. Both with DOT and E Sign. 2,1/2,1mm 240€ 1,6/1,6mm 390€ That
  6. Perfect, I guess with windshields we´re on a good way. Sides and rear hatch are still close to reach the numbers, but lets see at the time the manufacturer finds the right supplier.
  7. UPDATE: At the moment there is no supplier for blue tinted glass in the right thicknesses in Europe. The manufacturer is looking into other markets to still produce it. For the Windshield they are gathering data for the necessary test to obtain the DOT and E approval. I ask for a Kit in clear glass as well, so lets see. These are the ones they start to produce now as lightweight version: Audi VW BMW Porsche Mazda
  8. Perfect, we´re approaching the golden number Still no update from the manufacturer regarding the blue glass... lets see. They just created this new productline with "lighter" glass. Seems that they went in production with BMW E30, E36 and E46, VW Golf 1, 2, 3, 4 now. Fingers crossed S30 soon.
  9. For all? Windshield, Rear Hatch glass and Door glass? To be honest I don´t know from where the manufacturer is shipping. Its a german company but they have multiple manufacturing plants. They are located all around the world, so lets see when everything gets more defined...
  10. Yeah I also think that should be a solvable issue. As far as I know windshields are coming for sure. Atm I´m mostly looking in getting the interest up in Door and rear hatch glass so the company invests in making molds for it.
  11. Hey guys, you might have seen my posts in the various facebook groups over the last couple of days, but finally I´ll post here too, after I gathered most infos about the commonly asked questions. I’ve a glass manufacturer on hand who will produce new glass for our S30 Z’s (2 seater) It will be thinner and therefore also lighter but still obtain all safety regulations including the E sign and also the DOT number. So fully street legal in Europe and the US including all necessary testing that goes with it. Some might think thinner means a weaker windshield and al
  12. @Miles I´ve bought that exact same MC from Arizona Z, too. Don´t know exactly if it is from a 79 280zx, but its a 15/16, PIC blow. Seems you´re able to help me out - the fitting on the right goes to the front brakes and the one on the left to the rears, just like on a stock 240,260 or 280z, right? I downloadet the service manual of a 280zx, but couldn´t find any infos. Thanks in advance. Thats how I routed it now. If the carbs clear the factory heatshield will bolt right up on that lower bolt of the prop valve. The spacer originally fitted
  13. Good to know - I just got the quote yesterday in my inbox from the Swedish dealer, which is the closest to germany. CTS411 913 For sure cheaper to buy in the US than. Thanks for the link.
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