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  1. I put a new steering rack in my car that has right hand inner tie rods on both sides.  I bought 2 MOOG ES2109R right side tie rods and they do fit but on the driver's side it's a bit too long and I don't have much adjustment ability.  Also its pointed slightly forward as opposed to the passenger side where it points sightly rearward.




    What is everyone using for drivers side outer tie rod with right hand thread?

  2. 10 hours ago, jhm said:

    No, that definitely doesn’t seem right.  I’ve used several aftermarket hubs (including Momo) on my various Zs; and never had a problem like that.


    Are there any other S30s in your area that you could try those hubs on?


    I'll check into other s30s in my area but given the fact that I tried fitting the hub onto 3 different shafts already I'm really thinking that something is wrong with the hub itself.

  3. Hello, I have a 76 280z.  I am putting a momo 3503 hub adapter onto my steering shaft. 




     Every video I've watched of people putting hub adapters on their s30 it seems they slide right on.  


    Mine goes on very snug, but I can get it to go on about 6mm or so before it gets really hard.




    Maybe I could pound it on, but doesn't seem right and I don't know how I'd ever get it off.  I have checked the splines on both the hub and shaft and they look OK.  I even bought another hub and tried that with no success.   I have 2 other steering shafts laying around and it's always the same thing.











    Is it possible both the hubs are bad?  Bought both from Amazon (not 3rd party either, from Amazon directly).  The splines on the Momo look cast (not machined) and perhaps that's the problem?


    Not sure where to go from here.  I like the collapsible design of the Momo but may have to consider another brand.


    Thanks for any advice.


  4. I'm installing a new gasket and windshield into my 280z.  I've read conflicting information on using sealant or installing dry.  I'm leaning towards using the sealant to ensure no leaks.     This is the sealant I purchased:  https://www.crlaurence.com/All-Products/Automotive-Windows-%26-Supplies/Automotive-Glass-Supplies/Glazing-Adhesives/Epoxies%2C-Sealers%2C-Urethanes%2C-%26-Adhesives/CRL-Black-Windshield-and-Body-Sealant/p/CRL7708


    What's the best way to install with sealant?   If I install into the pinch weld groove on the gasket, I'm afraid it will be extremely messy when the rope is coming out of the groove during install.  I also wonder how the lube (soapy water or Windex) will affect it. 

    If I apply it to the pinch weld, I'm worried that it will smear all over the gasket flap when the rope pulls it over the pinch weld. 


    Maybe the best method is to install dry and backfill sealant under the gasket flap where it meets the body?


    I've gone to great lengths to get the car extremely nice and don't want to have a disaster on my hands during the install.


    Any thoughts appreciated.

  5. I am putting carpet in my 280z.  It never had any when I bought it.  The brake boot has snaps that apparently attach to the carpet.  My carpet doesn't have any and need to add some.  I would like to buy some snaps that will work with the brake boot snaps.  Preferably ones that rivet in.  Has anyone identified any?



  6. The plan is either for 1 piece that covers the entire floor and tunnel, or 3 total pieces: one for drivers floor, one for passenger floor, and one for transmission tunnel.  I'd prefer 1 piece so there are no seams, but I don't know if I can get it to conform, especially in the area where the tunnel, floor, and firewall meet.

  7. I am finishing up a full restomod on a 280z.  I modified the floor pans and tunnel in several areas and also removed the seat braces so I can't use a standard carpet kit.  I'm planning to get a roll of carpet and install myself.  The hatch piece I can use a pre-cut standard product from a vendor.


    Since the carpet won't be molded, it will be a little tricky.  I'll likely have to use heat and water to get it to conform.


    I much prefer the look of carpet on the transmission tunnel vs vinyl. 

    My current plan is to have 3 separate pieces: 2 for each floor, and one for the transmission tunnel.  


    Since the pieces will be separate, there will be 2 edges touching where each floor pan piece meets the transmission tunnel piece.  One piece will have to sit behind the other.   My current plan is serging/banding the edges of the transmission tunnel piece and have it sit over the top of the floor pan piece.  Everything will be glued down.  Although I'm not sure how that will affect the wire bundle I have running along the outside edge of the passenger floor pan.  


    Any advice or comments?  Has anyone else done this?  Has anyone successfully used a single piece of carpet to do this?  Has anyone paid a shop to do it?



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