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  1. Check it out: Looks like the Datsun XLink concept that was created by Benjamin Nawka at Nissan’s Yulon Design Center (see here) has given birth to a newly found interest for the long-gone Japanese brand. This modern interpretation of the iconic Datsun 240Z / Fairlady Z of the 1970s is the work of a Polish designer Jacek Kolodziejczyk who goes by the alias 'Iacoski. The Fairlady Z Concept study combines the classic lines of the original 240Z with several design elements from the new Nissan GT-R such as the front grille, the side air vents and the headlamps. And while it may never go into production, the end result is pretty dang cool. What do you think? http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2008/08/datsun-240z-fairlady-z-retro-concept.html
  2. I have been using the cable x box for 4 years with my T56 and a stock speedo. Works great!
  3. Boy how my memeory fades me after only 4 years. FOUR YEARS! My car has been on the road for 4 years this month. Time (and my Z car) sure fly. Anyway, I just went out to the garage and took a look at the A/C bracket setup. It seems that we used washers between the bracket and the water pump to move the bracket out towards the front of the car. I hope this helps. (I really need to spend some time to clean up and detail my engine compartment)
  4. qwik240z

    LS1 A/C Bracket

    From the album: Misc

  5. Edit!! Joe, We had that problem with my car. We used washers to get it to line up right. IIRC, we may have made a thicker spacer to fix the issue. http://album.hybridz.org/data/500/On_the_Road_240Z_LS1_and_510_godbye_051.jpg I can take some pics for you if you need them.
  6. I think it looks great! Nice Job! I like it on the bottom and also on the inside as in the 2nd picture.
  7. My LS1 V8 Powered 240Z gets 30-31 MPG on the hwy at 80 mph in 6th. Gets 22 in the city and 10 on the track.
  8. I had full length sub frame connectors welded to my existing 240Z frame rails. That and strut tower bars is fine for the street. I got 31MPG on a 1000 mile road trip running mostly in 6th gear at 75-85 MPH. My car is turning 1850 RPMs in 6th at 80MPH with a 3.54:1 rear and 225-50-16 Pirelli tires. My stock LS1 puts down 340 to the rear wheels. For the street you don't need more as traction is already a problem. Don't get hung up on the HP numbers. Find someone with an LS1 powered Z car near you and go for a ride. It will be plenty fast.
  9. Welcome. This thread might help. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=67657&highlight=ls1+swap+cost I've got too much money in mine to count but it can be done for alot less.
  10. My Stock 2002 LS1 made 360rwhp at peak but when we dyno tuned it for drivability, it only made 340rwhp and 365 RWT. It is very responsive at this tune level. I have the sanderson headers, 2.5" into 3" single exhaust and K & N CAI too. Can you tell me more about the wet shot NOS you are using? Sounds like a great way to add some cheap HP.
  11. I got my new one from Rockland Gear in NY. It works great. Has 2000 miles on it so far and zero issues. http://www.rsgear.com They have great customer service and are easy to deal with. I sold my crappy used one on eBay for more then the core charge from Rockland. It was popping out of 3rd and whined in 5th and 6th gears. It was also hard to downshift into 2nd. I hope this helps.
  12. Clive, I have not been watching your build closely enough. Wow. It looks great! Nice work. This car will be so much nicer then your other car, looks wise. What is that sound insulation you are using? Did you use any dynamat under it? Keep the updates coming. I subscribed to the thread so I will be watching. Great JOB. I want to see it in person.
  13. Congrats on the first ride. It must be a blast. Post up some vids with sound.
  14. As the title says, I need a clean 240Z Glove Box Emblem. Looking for a new one or in new condition. If you have one, send me a picture and price including shipping to Potomac, MD 20854 Thanks,
  15. As the title says, I need a clean 240Z emergency brake handle. The black plastic on mine is not in the best shape so I want a clean one to replace it. If you have one, send me a picture and price including shipping to Potomac, MD 20854 Thanks,
  16. Thanks Joe, They booted him faster then a HybridZ!
  17. Sorry. I forgot the link. Thanks for the fast response. You guys Rock!
  18. There is a new guy that posted this in my classified. He did it to another member too. He has 2 posts so far and both are jacking threads
  19. I could not find the old thread but I finally got my Hoddie from Justin today. Great quality and nicely done imprinting. Worth the wait. Thanks Justin!
  20. JCI converted my factory tach and it works great. I have the Abbott industries cable x box for the speedo and I can only get it to within 4 mph of the actual speed. I can live with it. I have all stock gauses with Speed Hut EL gauge faces. Looks stock.
  21. From the album: Parts for Sale

    Brand New - Vintage Datsun License Plate Frame
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