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  1. sorry, that car and most of the stuff is long gone.
  2. I've got one on my early 260Z Parts car.
  3. I have a set from an 82. Here are pics. Let me know if you are interested. qwik510@aol.com David 301-651-7788
  4. I posted this on Ratsun but thought some of you might enjoy seeing it too. I want to start out by thanking Ratsun. If not for this great forum, I would have never found this great Datsun barn find. It all started a few months ago. July 21st to be exact. I was checking out the classifieds on Ratsun and I saw an ad for a 1977 Datsun 620 King Cab Pickup. The ad said it was a one owner truck with only 29k miles located in Maine. It went on to say it has been sitting in a barn for the past 30+ years. There was no price listed at the time and the phone number in the ad was incomplete but all this was enough to peak my interest so I sent an email to the seller asking him to contact me. Bill, the truck's owner, called me in the morning. He said he used to work as the Parts Manager at a Datsun dealership (Datsun World in Auburn, Maine). He bought the truck in May of 1977 while working at the dealership. He and his wife used the truck for only a few years and then he parked it in his barn and put it up on blocks for the winter. He planned to take it back out in the Spring but got busy with life and never got back to it. Three plus decades later, he decided he would never get around to returning it to its former glory so he decided to sell it. He searched the internet, found Ratsun and placed a classified ad. Here was the one picture he had used with his ad. I asked Bill for more pictures of the truck and he said he would need to clear a path to it in the barn so he could take some pics. (The truck was surrounded by other stuff that had accumulated over the years) I checked back in with Bill after a week but he had not gotten around to it yet. Another week and then another and I would just check in from time to time. I finally got an email from Bill with a few more pics. I arranged for a Datsun buddy of mine who lives pretty close to there to go see the truck for me. My buddy confirmed the condition and sent me some more pics. This is how it looked in the barn. I spoke with Bill on the phone and after a bit of haggling, Bill and I came to an agreement on the price and I sent a deposit. I told Bill I would be coming up to get it and tow it back to Maryland and he offered me the use of his "camp" for accommodations. His camp was a cottage on the lake close to his house. So I made plans to go to Maine and pick it up. I figured this would be a good trip to combine with a vacation. My girlfriend and I drove up there with my tow dolly and all my tools, etc. well prepared to bring it home to Maryland. We left Maryland last Monday and stopped in Woodstock, NY on Monday afternoon. It was a very cool little town and we did some sightseeing, shopping and tourist stuff. We stayed in a B & B that night, hung out the next morning and hit the road around 11am. We got up to Bill's place in Maine Tuesday afternoon and met Bill. After some introductions and small talk, I couldn't take it anymore and had to see the truck. Bill let me open the garage door. I lifted the door and there it was. Bill had cleared out all the stuff around it but had not touched the truck. It was still up on stands and pushed up close to the back wall. I was so excited, I forgot to take pics. It was so straight and original. It still had the original bias ply Toyo tires up front, some snow tires on the back, the original individual cell battery, etc. the interior was super clean too. It had some light mildew and some years of dust but under the mats, the carpet looked new. I was planning to disconnect the driveshaft to tow it home so crawled under the truck to spray some PB Blaster on the bolts of the driveshaft. I finished that and it was getting late so we closed up the garage and Bill had us follow him to the lake. It was only a mile from his house. His camp was a nice little cottage on Sabbath Day Lake. Here is the view we got upon arrival. Bill showed us around the place, gave us directions to the local grocery store and Chinese food restaurant and said goodbye. Our plans were to enjoy the lake on Wednesday and then go and have dinner with Chris (my Datsun buddy) and his family that evening. Then go back over to Bill's on Thursday morning to get the truck ready for the trip. Then sightseeing on Thursday and load up and hit the road Friday morning. We went Kayaking on the lake Wednesday and enjoyed a beautiful day. Then we drove to Chris's house, checked out his place and then all went out to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant on another lake nearby. Well it wouldn't be Maine without lobster so lobster it was. And live music too. We had a great time. Thanks again Chris! Thursday Morning I was up early and I left my GF at the cottage and headed over to get the truck ready. Since the tires on the truck were over 30 years old and I was planning on towing it with a dolly, I had brought some wheels and tires from my D21 to install on the rear of the truck. I disconnected the driveshaft first, tied it up securely under the truck. 3 out of 4 of the wheels on the truck were spinning freely. The left rear being the stuck one. I removed the wheel and beat on the drum to try to free it but it was pretty stuck. I figured I would get it on the ground and try to free it up so I installed the D21 wheel and tire and jacked it up and set the truck on the ground for the first time in 3 decades. I forgot to take a picture before changing the wheels so here is one just after. The barn was large enough for two cars but only had one door so we had to scoot it over to get it to where it could be pushed out. We scooted it with the diff on a floor jack. Once the rear was lined up with the door, I hooked a chain to the truck and hooked the other end to the jeep and we gave a tug. The stuck wheel came free easily and we guided the truck out into day light for the first time in 30+ years. I got the other D21 wheel mounted and headed back to the cottage so Melissa and I could go and enjoy the rest of the day sightseeing, etc. We went to see the Maine Headlight, an historic lighthouse on Cape Elizabeth. Then we had lunch at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights. It was a feast. Then we headed up to Freeport Maine to see the original LL Bean store and do some shopping. It was a great day despite the on and off rain. Friday morning we loaded up,said goodbye to a very sad Bill and headed home. The trip was going well but we had a tire blow out on the tow dolly in CT Friday afternoon. I didn't have a spare but was able to get it fixed and back on the road in only 1 1/2 hours. We spent two days on the road coming back. Got back Saturday afternoon. It was good to be back home safe and sound. Sunday I took some pics. I have not cleaned any of it yet. I will be starting in on it this week. I can't wait to start in on it. The plan is to pull the plugs, squirt some oil in the cylinders, let it soak in for a few days, do it again then try to turn it over by hand. I want to get it running to access the condition of the engine then I'll move on to other areas. All the fluids and lines will need to be cleaned out along with the gas tank, radiator, etc. Specs on the truck. 1977 Datsun 620 King Cab deluxe - optional 5 speed, A/C, AM/FM Stereo. The factory tach and tail gate protector were installed by Bill on day one. It was fully rust protected with Rusty Jones Rust protector applied day one by Bill. Step and tow rear bumper installed by Bill too More to come soon..
  5. As I have said before, do not cheapen your nice car with Crap. You have sweet Recaros in real leather. Get them professionally dyed if you want red. Or buy another set of real Recaros or Corbeau's or other Quality seats. Stop with the cheap stuff. And Motorman Mike, I've already got first dibs.
  6. Hey PLATA. Stop messing up that sweet car. The seats in it are great. Why mess with it? The are from a Mitsubushi EVO 9 (2007) so they are fairly new. To buy them new in Black Leather would cost $2000 per seat. Add to that the Wedge Engineering seat mount brackets at around $300 for the pair shipped. And then the Recaro tab sliders. It is almost a $5000 package. I will trade you for the seats I have tucked away and some cash. I will put your nice Recaros in my wagon. Or you could be smart and keep them.
  7. The JCI mounts are far from Cheesy. They are well engineered and made very solid and are nearly a bolt in. They position the engine in a great location so that it is far back in the engine bay and you can still hook up heater hoses, etc. They place the shifter so it comes out of the stock location. I had my JCI equipped LS! 240Z for almost 10 years and I was very happy with it. For those of you that don't want to build your own mounts, these mounts are highly recommended. The drivers side engine mount is designed so the steering clears and the mounts include stiffening plates for the stock motor mount towers. As to the transmission mount, I can't speak as when I did the swap, JCI only had a version for the 280Z and my car was a 240Z. We fabbed up a trans mount that tied into the custom full length sub frame connectors we installed. Overall, The JCI engine mounts are an easy way to get the LS1 into your Z car in the proper position. For $300, It is a cheap investment. It will save you hours of fabrication and design time. It will save you so much time as you will not have to install and remove the engine numerous times. Just install the JCI mounts, then install the engine. One time and move on to the rest of the project. It was a no brainer for me.
  8. Well we pulled it all apart this week and got it fixed. Yes, the front of the diff was moving up and caused stress cracks. The fabricator had made an upper bump stop that should have stopped the upward movement but he never adjusted it and it was allowing up to 3/8" of movement. We welded up the stress cracks and seam welded the edges and adjusted the bump stop. Here are pics of the upper bump stop that I never posted before. And the repaired mount I told the new owner to buy a RT mount and be done with it but this mount worked for 9 years so hopefully, it will go another 9 years.
  9. Hey guys, The new owner of my 240Z LS1 car was hearing a clunk in the drivetrain so we go the car on a lift and found that the custom made front diff mount had cracked. None of the new fabricated part was damaged, just the old Datsun thin ass sheet metal that holds the swing arm to the body. This is the custom made mount. Here is the damage. Original thread on my diff mount. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/43783-project-silver-bullet-update-q45-install-pics-front-mount/ So we are not sure what would be the best fix for this. It seems like the sheet metal could be welded up and it would hold just fine. The new owner does not do track days or drive the car hard and wants to fix it the most cost effective way. I was thinking of replacing the mount with a RT style mount or maybe the T3 mount. I just don't want to have to start reinventing the wheel here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, David
  10. Does anyone know for sure what rear calipers come with the Modern Motorsport 13" Extreme Rear Brakes? Looking for replacement pads and need to know what car those PBR calipers are from. I have searched and found different answers. From the threads I read, it seems that they are either from a 1996 Corvette or a 2002 Mustang Cobra Looking at the Porterfield and Hawk websites, the corvette and the cobra use different pads. Anyone know for sure? Thanks! Here is a pic of the rears.
  11. I have some of the stuff you need. Some is NOS and some clean used parts. Besides what is listed below, I am pretty sure I have a really clean set of dogleg vinyl covers and some of the plastic panels. Let me know if you are interested in any of it. NOS Parts Pair of Black Door Panels $700 Pair of Door Threshold Plates $150 Pair of Arm Rests $250 Amco Console Padded Arm Rest Pad $200 Passenger Door Grab Handle 80950-E4100 $ 35 One Door Chrome Inside Door handle plate $ 40 Pair of Door upper seals 89032-N4501 / 80931-N4501 $ 40 Pair of Hatch plugs ? $ 5 Clean Used Parts Original Diamond Pattern Vinyl in Black. This was carefully removed from a low mileage 240Z many years ago. Soft and supple deep black color. 4 pieces includes both rear shock towers and 2 piece transmission tunnel cover. $100 Interior overhead light with nice white lens $ 25 Super Clean Glove Box Door w/ nice emblem $ 50 Motorsport Auto Cup Holder Fits ashtray $ 25 Pair of 280Z Black Sun Visors $ 50 Pair of 280Z Black Arm Rests $100
  12. Sorry, I have not been on this forum much. I just sold my Z so no new pics.
  13. Hey guys, I am reviving this thread as the owner of the car just sent me a link to a new cool video. His best time so far has been 8.19 at 173 MPH. WOW. Here is the latest video. That back bumper is really strong
  14. Looks like it sold for $60K Worth every penny. Congrats!
  15. I am looking to buy a clean (not rusty) Fuel Filter Bracket for a Z31 300ZX. I am in Maryland so you will need to ship it to me unless you are local. Please reply with a decent picture and the price including shipping to zip code 20854. email is best: qwik510@aol.com Thanks, David
  16. Wow. That sucks. I hope you can get it fixed up soon. Let me know if you need help locating any parts. BTW, did you have the ZX brakes installed or were you still on stock brakes?
  17. Edit:Triple Post. My computer froze and then sent this 3 times. Weird!
  18. Dudeboy, Looking Good! Nice engine bay pic. Glad my setup could help. Ken, I have not had any issues with the aeroquip FPR. Yes. We were able to adjust the FP. Hooked up a gauge to the FPR when he car was on the dyno for tuning.
  19. I installed a Aeroquip FPR with built in fitting for the return. The hose going in on the left side top is the feed, the one on the bottom is the return and the one on the right side goes to the fuel rail.
  20. here is mine. It is a Lokar cable hooked up to the stock bracket with a small bracket added to attach the cable. If you want to see it in a close up, go to this link and double click the photo to supersize it. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/gallery/image/4362-on-the-road-240z-ls1-and-510-godbye-061/
  21. Clive, When you are ready to come down and run SP, let me know. Maybe we can go together.
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