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  1. Nice write Up Mike. Sorry I could not be there. I so badly need a tack day. Pete does seem to always have issues with his car. Every time I have been with him, he has been tinkering, fixing, replacing, etc. The first time I ever came to your place, Pete picked me up and the whole time he was trying to adjust the megasquirt system. Then before the 2007 Zcon, we were at his house the night before we were supposed to leave and he was still re-installing the 406 for the __?__ time. He needs to listen to the "Chuck Engine Light" and replace it with a LSx engine. Mine has proved to be super reliable. My only issue in 5 years was the one time on my way to your place for a shindig, when the drive belt blew out and we fixed it outside the auto parts store. Pete's car would be so bad ass with a 505HP LS7. Let me know the next time there is an event like this at SP. I would love to get you in my car and instruct me so I too can improve my skills.
  2. The only issue I see using that X-Pipe Muffler is the depth. 4" will take away from the ground clearance. My car is low but not too low and I doubt I would have room for that under my car without raising the coilovers up some. I don't know about your area but here we have lots of speed bumps and I rub on some of them now.
  3. Ken, I hear you about quiet. I would like mine to be quieter too. I think that the Borlas would be a good option. If and when I get around to reding my exhaust, I would consider duals all the way back with one muffler on each side and cut out the rear lower valance on the passenger side to mathc the cutout on the drivers side. I think finding 2 mufflers that will fit in the stock location and quiet the LSx motor enough for a DD will be a tough feat. Maybe if you add the resonators. I can't wait to see how you do it. Keep us posted.
  4. Ken, I am late to this thread but I too am running the Sanderson shorty headers and 2.5" pipes that merge into a 3" behind the trans. The 3" goes back to a single muffler. No resonator but I would like to add one as my car is a bit loud for daily driving. Mine makes 340RWHP so almost 400 at the crank. Seems to breath fine to me. It has been on the road almost 5 years now. (Wow, 5 years already) Ground clearance becomes an issue with more then 3" pipe, although Burns has the oval pipe that can reduce the clearance issue. Good luck, David
  5. I have not been on the site for a while so I missed this thread. Somewhere a bit north of $25K might get me to part with mine too. Boholio and Clive have seen my car and know how clean it is. http://forums.hybridz.org/uploads/500/med_On_the_Road_240Z_LS1_and_510_godbye_053.jpg
  6. Hi qwik240z i have seen your car in person a z show in irvine last year. u was wondering if you have any pics you can share. if not no worries...but your 240 is really really nice.

  7. Z fenders are really flimsy. Easy to put a dent or dimple in. Most car guys know not to lean on cars. Just not a good habit to get into.
  8. ??Why is it that people think it is OK to lean on your brand new paint job?? Car is looking great Clive! Keep the updates coming.
  9. Hi Zangiefisgod, Since you are considering these two swaps, how about telling us how you plan to use the car. This information will be helpful in determining which would be better for your intended purpose. Also, you seem to ahve a figure of 500rwhp in your mind for this project. Why did you choose this figure? I guess this again comes down to what the car will be used for. Do you want a 10 second 1/4 mile car? A weekend cruiser? An autocross car? A track day car? A combination of them all? The reason I bring this up is that you seem to be planning on doing this swap on a $5000 budget and it may be possible that you will be very happy with a 350RWHP car which can be achieved with a stock LS1. Many people get hung up on Building a Killer Motor when all they really want to do is own a cool car with an engine swap. many people also dream of 500RWHP and have never even driven a 500RWHP car. As the owner of an LS1 powered Z car, I know that in the beginning planning stages of my swap, I considered building killer engine and found that a stock LS1 is plenty of go for my intended uses. Weekend cruiser, track days, auto crosses and a run down the 1/4 mile once in a while. As for which engine, the LS1 will be an easier swap for $5K and my LS1 gets 31MPG on the hwy at 80mph (1900rpms) in 6th gear. It also runs the 1/4 mile in the 12s and is very reliable. Parts are easy to get if you need them. The low end torque is so nice and makes for a better street car because all the power is right there without having to rev the piss out of it. By the way, I am in Maryland too. If you want to see how a stock LS1 runs in a Z car, come on down I will take you for a spin. Most people get out of my car and say, "WOW!"
  10. Good Luck with the project. You will be much better off finding an overdrive trans. You will find out what a mistake you made on the first drive if you stick with the TH350 trans. Find a 4L60E and go with that. It is meant to go with that motor and your car will not be a buzzmobile on the hwy.
  11. I am running the Sanderson 1.75" coated headers on mine with the MSD plug wires. Only one wire contacts the header tube. (others are close but not touching) You can see it in the pics below. I put a piece of heat shield between the tube and the wire and have been driving it like that for 4 plus years (12000 miles) with zero issues. It has seen 7 track days, several road trips and lots of weekend cruising. I just went out and took the pics and inspected the wires and the one that hits the tube does not show any signs of break down from heat. It looks the same as all of the other wires. I have not had to change the plus but with factory recommended changes at 50K miles, I will not mind pulling the headers to change them. Drivers side Drivers side Passenger side
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  16. Happy B day, Dave! Enjoy it!
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