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  1. It will be cheaper and you will make more power if you do a standard NA2T conversion to your current engine. You don't even need to rebuild the factory VG30E as long as it's in good running condition.
  2. You are seriously confused when it comes to modifying engines and making power.
  3. VH to VG adapter: http://www.mazworx.com/store/p/173-Mazworx-VHVG-Adapter-Plate.aspx
  4. If you already have the Q45 engine (VH45) then it will be cheaper to swap than an LS1 would be. The amount of fabrication needed to get either engine swapped should be roughly the same.
  5. ^ Any pics or vids of your completed swap? VHs are a very underestimated V8...with just bolt ons they can match and or beat stock LS1 power.
  6. Although a little dated now this will give you some good info on doing the swap: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/73970-z31-vg30et-into-an-s30-project-outline/?do=findComment&comment=703787
  7. You would be better off swapping in the VG30ET. The VG30ET weighs significantly less(about the same as the L28), is much more compact, much cheaper in parts, and has been completed by at least a few people over the years. I'd highly suggest doing some research on the VG30ET....
  8. UPDATE: Brother took his car to the dyno yesterday and put down a best of 545WHP, several runs were over 500WTQ as well. Found out his wastegate is too small as its causing bad boost creep, once he gets a new wastegate installed he will go back to the dyno looking for more. Keep in mind this is a bone stock 86 VG30ET bottom end (actually worse it has small dents in the pistons from when the valves collided 4 years ago), with well over 200,000 miles on it and plenty of hard pulls at high boost levels.This was also on the stock mass air flow sensor. At 14PSI and the boost controller turn
  9. Congrats! Car sounds and looks great.
  10. Why not run true dual all the way out? You may want to post this over in the other V8 section here: http://forums.hybridz.org/forum/46-other-v8z-tech-board/ Or even www.v8nissans.com
  11. Better in what way? Your not going to make up for the decades of technology and improvements that have been made on the newer GTR or Porsche turbo engines, those engines will always be more advanced and more efficient at making power. But that doesn't mean you can't "better" them in power with the right configuration. It's really not hard or expensive to make 500+HP in an old VG, been done numerous times on junk yard engines with a good turbo setup. Not sure why you were so stuck on the 15PSI limit with your engine. You would of broke 400WHP if you ran more boost.
  12. I'd have to disagree. Put a proper modern turbo on a VG30E(T) or VG33E and you will see plenty of power. A proper turbo and aftermarket cams and valve springs and you can see a nice improvement to the powerband and plenty of power. My brothers Z is still on a bone stock bottom end with a 1/4 of a million miles. He's replaced the cams and is running a billet PT6262 turbo, front facing tubular manifolds, NISTUNE and E85. Were expecting a solid 500+WHP and similar torque on high boost...already been for a few pulls and it pulls good . SHORT vid i took of a quick 2nd gear pul
  13. I don't think the VR was based off the VQ40, the blocks look pretty different. The VR38 is "loosely" related to the VQ engine series but the block it self is original and not many if any components can be shared.
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