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  1. After the tear down to the shell, 240Z (Bert) was inspected for rust, all the rust was surface rust. ☺️ Thanks to my Dad, who kept the it cover for all of the years in storage.
  2. Yes, I am going to keep the blue paint scheme. My plan is to build a sleeper, to restore the look as it did back in the 70's.
  3. Here are some pictures of the 240 Z. After sitting for 24 years there was rats and mice living in it, you can see they chew on the plastic. After moving the 240 Z to house where I will start restoring it.
  4. Here a picture of me back in 1976. The Z is my first car that my Dad help me purchase. It is a 1970, the original color was green with tan Interior. Back then I repaint it lite blue with the strips. The next picture of the Z is the condition of it after sitting for 24 years. I parked the Z because of raising a family. The Z is not a very good family car. I will be posting more build pictures of the Z. This Z, I names it Bert after my Dad.
  5. Great write up! This what I did to my tank, add chambers with gates to create a surge camber that have two walbro 450lph. The other chamber has fuel cell foam to keep the fuel from sloshing around. The center chamber is still open so I can have to stock fuel gauge sensor.
  6. I ordered a GPS speedo and a 10k tach.
  7. On zzeal roll cage that does not have a diagonal brace, can a bolt in diagonal brace meet the scca rules?
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