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Texas Turbo Tom 240 to LS2/T56/Magnacharger build

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Just some clean up left to do.  But I like the silver. 

I know the feeling man, mine was the same way except my doors were good and I was able to find a pair of brand new OEM fenders. You would be better off buying a good hatch for it than spending a bunch

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All of my motor electronics are a separate working mass from my chasis harness

Thus the reasoning to have another harness that follows the GM mantra.......

My set up is similar to yours I just don't use a GM computer.


Alainburon-you better check to see if you can chrome that harness! Just teasing cause Im jealous.

jajaja, I had a dream someone sold chrome plated wires......Does that mean I have a problem?

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I had a dream that my daughter was alone in the Art building at Auburn and all the protesters from Ferguson had surrounded the building and were breaking in to get her. The next night she called me and told me that she got left at the Art building without a car and none of her friends would come give her a ride. Does this make me a prophet? Or just a racist, or just a worried dad?

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I'd say you had a prophetic dream and that it occurred because you care so much about your daughter. She's obviously OK but you somehow picked up on the fear she felt at being left alone.  It's a scary thing when our kids start to go out on their own.  It's really tough let go - actually - you'll never fully let go and you'll always worry about her.  It's just being a good dad.

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Sorry to re-direct your thread. My screen name is RebekahsZ for a reason. I know we were talking wiring, but when you said you were dreaming of chrome wiring I thought of my dream and went off on a tangent. Or missed the apex, or some such analogy.

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I did.  The photographer wanted the hood closed. 

Funny thing....I took home Best Old School for the show.  I didn't even know I was a part of the judging because I was with a vendor.  I was packing up my shit waiting to get back to my family when they called my name, I wasn't even over at the crowd..... lol. There is so much stuff left undone on my car it is ridiculous.... I guess the blown LS got'em...lol....

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i tightened up my suspension on the Koni's all the way around.  I am a little less than 1/2 of the total revolutions on the shocks adjustment and the is a bit tighter,  I did get some wheel hop during a semi- hard launch the other day so I need to possibly play with tire pressure as well. 

I am going back to the shop to have them listen to my motor as I think I hurt it a bit but that is to be determined.  I am all good with oil pressure, and temps.  I just have a odd sound..... No smoke so we will see....

Waiting to hear back on a new set of headlight covers and possibly a new front grill.....

I am also working on a splitter/belly pan that will extend 3" out from the front of the lip of the spoiler and all the way back to the oil pan.....

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Got to go to Cars and Coffee Houston this past weekend. 

Still trying to finalize the belly/pan splitter for the car before I really push it.  I have only been up to 120-30 and it feels good but don't want to go much farther than that for now. 

Have plans for the remaining big ticket items just have life in the way. 

Remaining items:


Electric power steering

Full interior

Maybe a stereo or CarPc (cause I have always wanted 1)







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