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Texas Turbo Tom 240 to LS2/T56/Magnacharger build

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Just some clean up left to do.  But I like the silver. 

I know the feeling man, mine was the same way except my doors were good and I was able to find a pair of brand new OEM fenders. You would be better off buying a good hatch for it than spending a bunch

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They are finishing up the cage for me this week and then I should have it back next week.  I still have to finish putting the interior back together and the sound deadening.... ( like that is really gonna help...) I will be taking it to an interior guy who I have used in the past on other cars to finish out the rear deck area, trans tunnel and rear shock mount/wheel tub area.  I have designed a cover to help conceal the rear hatch area that has the battery, fuel cell and help with keeping the fuel pump noise to a min. 

Then there is the exterior......

I am doing a full LED conversion on all lighting.  I just have to save up the rest of the money to complete it. 

I am also going to have the car dipped in a Halo product, just testing the hood for what color to use. 

The rear bumpers and rear light panel will be powdercoated to match the wheels. 


Now it is a waiting game for me to earn the cash needed to complete her out the way it needs to be done. 

There will be another round of exterior mods done ( rear tail, reworking the front air damn and flares to be the way I want them to be. ) 

I will beat on her when I can. 

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I'm on the waiting list for the ZLED lights.  I have my 300ZX in the shop right now and when it's ready the 280Z28 goes in with the first order of business to pull all the lights so they can get shipped off to be converted to LED. I took a video of my car in bright sunshine today with the left turn signal on and you can hardly tell its working in the bright light.  It'll probably be 6-8 weeks before I have the lights back and have a chance to video the LED upgrade.

Middle of January and it's 50 degrees and sunny outside.  Is this really central Washington?

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Wow fantastic build. I am in Sugar Land and have a 72 sbc z on funny gas. If you get the beast up and running, I love company running through the national forest north of you. And yes, since I moved to TX, Vintage air/March pulley system was my greatest addition:) I just added the Speed hut gps speedo and their tach, and have been real happy with them.


Mine, unfortunately, is garage built cruiser only. No car show awards for my work:)

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