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Texas Turbo Tom 240 to LS2/T56/Magnacharger build

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Didn't realize you had a thread hiding over here in the S30 section, I rarely come over here, too busy hiding in the LSx section. That super charger looks like its ready to kill my axle setup :( You really should have decided to go auto, then it would have been more than strong enough lol.


I'll hopefully be racing next weekend. Once my coil over parts come in Friday, take a short trip up to school, machine some things, and hopefully have it on the ground this weekend if everything goes as planned.


Have you decided if you're going to flare the car yet? 315s sure look good!



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Just some clean up left to do.  But I like the silver. 

I know the feeling man, mine was the same way except my doors were good and I was able to find a pair of brand new OEM fenders. You would be better off buying a good hatch for it than spending a bunch

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The car is going to get flares.  BAMF flares are in order for sure.  I just want to be sure I can keep it on the road.  I will be working on the chasis tomorrow cleaning things up for the new frame rails and dog legs.  Not only do I have to keep from breaking the axle set up but also keep it from twisting.......

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I have the motor out now as of yesterday.  Call me a puss but I just don't have time to wrench on the car running 2 business, keeping the wife happy, raising 2 kids, and traveling all over the country........ I have to bring the car to a shop to have them put it all together.  I don't have the skills myself to complete this build the the quality that I expect.  I would do nothing but piss myself off as I am not educated in some areas.  So I am turning it over to a shop that will do all that I can't and then I will complete what I can myself. 





I have the longtube headers, and motor mount kit from Hawkins and will be posting up a review, as well as a fitment opinion from myself and my builder. 

I still have to secure the rear diff/axle set up.  I am still leaning towards a Ford 8.8 due to the options readily available. 

My hopes of getting this on the road before the end of the year are not realistic....... but it will be driving......in 2014

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Well all of my parts are in.  (short of a new set of wheels and tires, and flares)

The Ford 8.8 swap parts that were ordered are all at the shop and ready to be installed.  PowerFab is finishing up another LS swap infront of mine.  They should start the assembly and have it on the ground by Mid July. 

We decided to swap out the valve covers and coil packs to something aftermarket to allow easier access to the fuel injectors and fuel system. 

I have the rear diff off getting a LSD unit installed with the original 3.55 gear in it so I will have decent RPM at highway speeds.  Should make for fun highway pulls against the big boys......

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I have the following parts stash:

6 piston Wilwood calipers, with 12.2" rotors, front

4 piston Wilwood calipers with 12.2" rotors, rear

On order CCW Classics fully swissed

17x10 front, 275/40/17

17x11.5 rear, 315/35/17

I will have them in 5 weeks, Gloss Black

Full coilover suspension with Koni adjustables on all corners

Ford 8.8 with a fresh LSD unit, 3.55 gear

Fritz Fitz Ford 8.8 rear conversion

Speedhut gauges, white faces

Ram Clutch, with a lightened Billet flywheel

Hawks Long Tube 304 Stainless Steel headers

Hawks emgine mount kit


All waiting to be put in the car........ PowerFab has the car and they are currently doing build up.

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I can't take the credit for the conversions.  I have had wfrittz helping in the back ground as well as PowerFab Automotive.  I have just been able to facilitate the execution of all the thoughts in my head. 

I wish I had the time to do all of this myself but I am too busy to put this together myself.  I have been teetering on scrapping it all or pulling through.  I am finally over a hump and pulling through. I think I would have been heartbroken if I didn't complete this.........

In the mean time I have almost completed the build on my daily driver.......


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Well these days I feel like I am bleeding like a stuck pig......

All I wanted to do was sump the factory tank......yeah the metal was so far gone that the metal kept blowing holes..... so now I have a fuel cell and a relocated battery.......

I ordered the remaining parts for the front coilover conversion.... So I will have the Koni adjustables with 250lb springs on all 4 corners....... now for the pictures.






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