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Texas Turbo Tom 240 to LS2/T56/Magnacharger build

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Looks GREAT! I can't wait to get your driving impressions of Will's rear setup. A couple of potential issues that I see, but you probably already see them too): I have seen one, but no more than one, description of the rear crosmber breaking after cutting it to notch it for something-or-other. I see where yours is notched for the fill plug on the diff-might want to reinforce that with a doubler plate or something. Second, be sure to test fit the motor with the crank pulley and the alternator and steering rack installed. Those are common interference points.

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Just some clean up left to do.  But I like the silver. 

I know the feeling man, mine was the same way except my doors were good and I was able to find a pair of brand new OEM fenders. You would be better off buying a good hatch for it than spending a bunch

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Motor has been test fitted previously and has the necessary clearance.  Hell I could throw my 2 year old up there and still clear the radiator from the accessories on the front of the motor.  There is A LOT or real estate up there.

I will take another look at the rear diff set up. There was already a notch in the crossmember  when I got it so I assumed that this was done by the factory. 

I am going to only have a single 3" set up but I am making a game time decision on adding a cut out.... ( just to piss off the neighbors......)

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If I can ever get my wheels from CCW it would be great....... I believe I should have them next week.  I had to source new steering knuckles because the parts that were available would not fit my Bastard car.......( 70 had different knuckles than 71-78)

I ordered ALL new Speed Hut gauges and they should be in this coming week..... Problem is I will be working in Arkansas this week and North Carolina and South Carolina the following.....I believe that this is the last of the items that I am lacking to get the car done......
Why do you think your traction is better?  Better matched to your springs?  I have the adjustable Konis 

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I would be lying if I said I knew ANYTHING about how shocks work. I do all my own wrench work, farming out welding and paint on the top side, but I'm kind of a monkey-see-monkey-do mechanic. I don't always understand how components actually work. Guilty. All I know is that it's hooking better according to the seat dyno.

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Just so happens that I got the pleasure of going to Hawk's 3rd Gen on a business trip to SC and NC this week.  I am headed home tomorrow.  I am still on hold due to CCW.  I do have all of my gauges in from Speed Hut and the shop is working to get them in while we wait.  They are working to get the rest of the motor together and start on the wiring while we wait on CCW....... So without delay  Here is Bruce's 280z.  His set up is so similar to mine it is sickening,..... My cam is a little more rowdy but all in all we pretty much have the same drivetrain......

He was a stand up guy to deal with on the purchase of my stuff and a good guy to hang with for a bit and talk shop. 

I also have video but I don't know how to post it up.....







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