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My 240z is almost done

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So i have decided to go ahead and do a carbureted small block chevy swap into my series I 240Z. As always i will be doing all the work in my garage with the help of friends.


First my motor:


I'm hoping to get around 250+hp and 300tq at the wheels.


freshly rebuild Chevy 5.7L SBC 350.

4-Bolt main

Block has been bored 40 over

An excellent set of 882 heads

Edelbrock RPM airgap intake

Holley 600cfm carb

New Comp 268 cam kit.

New flat top pistons providing a 9.5:1 compression ratio

M/T valve covers

New Black Coated Steet Rod Hugger Headers






Second Transmission:


I will be using a World Class T5 out of a 5.0L mustang. I have rebuilt the transmission and done a few upgrades to build in a lil extra strength into the T5.


New shift forks

New shift fork inserts

heavy duty cluster gear support plate

New Input Shaft/4th Gear Bearing & Race

New Output Shaft Bearing & Race (85-95)

heavy duty input Bearing Retainer




Third Chevy SBC to Ford T5 Coupling:


In order to couple a chevy motor to a ford transmission i an using the bell housing for a chevy WC T5 transmission and a custom adapter plate.






Fourth Clutch:


Again to run a chevy motor with a ford transmission i an running a flywheel and pressure plate from a F-body camaro and the clutch is from a 5.0L ford mustang.




I'll be using a JTR kit for the engine mounts etc.




I have the drive shaft from the mustang and once i get the engine and transmission transplanted into the car; Ill get a final measurement for the drive shaft and have it cut and balanced.


I got the hood and the exhaust off the car to get ready to pull the old 2.4L L6 motor.





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got my exhaust all mocked up and welded today. I cannibalized my old twice pipe set up to make the new exhaust. So far i happy with the way the car is sounding however i need to figure out a way to raise my exhaust up a lil higher as i only have 2" of road clearance at the resonator. I bought a cheap flux core welder from Harbor freight and welded the exhaust up. Its my first time welding and it shows but hell its just some exhaust pipe.













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