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Based only on the pics, it looks like you'd be okay if you replaced the rad support and replaced the drivers side forward of the strut tower.


I could be wrong but I feel like in the second picture the drivers side appears to be pushed downward, could be my brain tricking me due to the bend in the fender.

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I am thinking i will have to cut off the front/ weld in a new one.


I am so crushed by this :( I just got done painting and put memory foam in the bride seats...... CRY


Well my friend is a machinest.



It would be great help if anyone shows me some links of people that tubed the front. :)


merrry X-mas EVERYONE!!!

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You should measure and see if the driver's side strut tower has moved. If not, then repairing the car will require a complete radiator core support, front fender, and (hopefully not) a lower front frame rail. You'll also want to check the LCA and crossmember to see if they are bent. If the strut tower has moved, junk the car unless you have a strong emotional attachment to it.

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