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Top chop update

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Hi guys,


I posted a couple of years ago some pics of my top chop s30.


The progress is slowly, but the body starts to get shape.


Not only the body is modified, other parts are suspension, steering geometry, engine position/angle,

supercharger or in other words, only the tail lights are original............




Some floor mods to make room for the exhaust



For the first time in the open air



New wheels at ride height with suspension installed


I have more pics on picasa.




Have fun.




4.8 megs is much to large of a image size. Please change camera settings or manual re size before posting on HZ.

Thank You.

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Please Resize Images to: 1024 x 768 pixels or close, before placing on HZ.

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I Resized some pics from the picasa link fom the datsun s30 260z top chop


post-2137-065034500 1339278245_thumb.jpg

front view with modified window trim


post-2137-008421300 1339278224_thumb.jpg

40mm raised bottom with straight chassismembers to create ground clearance,

body in under body protection


post-2137-023363400 1339278138_thumb.jpg

sealing the weld with lead free body solder


post-2137-029624400 1339278279_thumb.jpg

diy rear fender from 0.8mm steel after filing the body solder


post-2137-015102800 1339278165_thumb.jpg

eaton m90 supercharger modified setup to fit datsun l28 with charge cooler from jaguar x300


post-2137-005782600 1339278211_thumb.jpg

front view l28 engine tilted to create space for supercharger


post-2137-087659800 1339277928_thumb.jpg

side view 50mm top chop with custom steel wheel flares


post-2137-009108900 1339279644_thumb.jpg

mockup with wheels on ride height


post-2137-048440100 1339277972_thumb.jpg


post-2137-024133300 1339278007_thumb.jpg


post-2137-097405500 1339278316_thumb.jpg


post-2137-089293100 1339278344_thumb.jpg

lens cover test fit


post-2137-095593300 1339278040_thumb.jpg

custom mustang shelby hub with oem s30 bearings to fit BMW525 front disc and diy coil over setup


post-2137-049239100 1339280112_thumb.jpg


post-2137-038784500 1339280209_thumb.jpg

long tie rod with inside BMW joint and outside an euro spec GM joint and modified oem rack and pinion


post-2137-041603800 1339278071_thumb.jpg

16x9.5 ACT rims from an BMW E34 535i with 225/50 16 tyres in the back


post-2137-072956700 1339280246_thumb.jpg

wheel on ride height and still 60 bump, thanks to 240 rear legs in a 260 body


There is a lot of work to do, but when you want to do it the proper way it will cost a lot of time...............

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Hi Tony,

It took some time to figure out how i wanted to modificate the bodywork.

Can you send me some pics from the cars previous life? I would like to complete the story.

The only picture i have, is one standing in the back of the container before shipping.


I hope to post soon more pics from the side glass experiment and window frames.



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PM me an e-mail address. I recently transferred my old Iomega drive to this new shockproof travel drive, and I believe all the photos from that first shipment are on it. I can e-mail them to you.

I've got maybe one more day in the office here, so the sooner the better! I will be back to the old schedule soon enough and then I can barely keep up with e-mail much less anything else!sad.gif

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For the rear suspension i am using 240z struts with stiffer red koni shoks, the suspension tower from a 260/280 is higer positioned in the bodyshell.

In combination with jim cook racing springs, i have a low combination. To fix the ride height, i have to make some measurements for the thickness of my topmount. The flange is welded to make it circular than machined with BMW 5 lug and arp wheelstuds. The trailing arms are from chromoly tubing.

I hope to make soon more pics.

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Some new pics from rear suspension parts and supercharger / engine mount.


post-2137-051621700 1339626152_thumb.jpg


post-2137-075272400 1339626187_thumb.jpg


post-2137-056782700 1339626223_thumb.jpg

fitting stock windscreen without cutting glass


post-2137-054582700 1339626267_thumb.jpg

experimental quarterglas cut from a front windscreen from an old Bmw E30


post-2137-041307800 1339626295_thumb.jpg

Experimental door glass cut from a 7mm truck windscreen, the shape / curve from the glass came close to the stock curve of the s30 glass.

To cut the glass I searched youtube and spoke to some glass cutting craftsmen. After that looking for some glass and the right tools. A simple glass cutter from 12 euro didn't work. I cut an aluminum template and started with the right tools and glasscutting oil. To cut out the first usable piece took a lot of patience. The lower part of the glass has to be cut loose with a razorblade, lit on fire and cut.


The truck glass was only to practice cutting, sanding and polishing. Now I have to find better glass from the right thickness and shape.

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I wanted to put the car outside today, but its raining today. Hopefully tomorrow dry weather.


Here are some pics from first time on its wheels. Its to low in the front for steering clearance.


post-2137-007576900 1339859090_thumb.jpg


post-2137-001546200 1339859184_thumb.jpg


post-2137-081381700 1339859214_thumb.jpg


maybe tomorrow more pics.



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