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Sorry guys i got busy on the darkside

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Since Datsun a scarse here i focussed on my racingeffort with e36 m3. The ZXR is allmost complety done but i need some small parts that ill pick up this april at the z meet!


But time was kind off sinking into the GTR that got build over the last winterstop ( 5 months)


Luckely the ZX GTU Chassis is making progress though slow. but ill update on that soon.


Here are some pictures of the flossmann GTR m3










I will test it the 28th of this month ( allmost done now)and then finally i have Datsun time :)

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Frank that looks sexy man!! 


We just picked up a 325is for my oldest.  It's a sedan and had a front collision that wiped out the front rams and the radiator/plastic bits.  But it runs, has a set of coil overs on it, and a nice catback.  For $500 we're happy with it.  He's turning it into a track project car...


I'll be sure and point him here so he can drewl!!



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Not as much a monster HP whise, it only has 331 HP.


But roadracing in Europe seems to be based more around handling. Time attcak is agood example that hp doesnt help as the turn the same laptimes as good well balanced cars with half of the HP

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Thanks especially from you as your car has been inspiring me for a long time!!  Well sound like a good base! 



We went from:









in 4 months ;) bit insane

Got any in between pictures? I'd love to see the build. It looks like an old DTM racer. 

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