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*SEARCHED* Question about swapping Diffs


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OK, I just want to be clear I looked around already, but I've found a lot of conflicting information on the subject.


I want to swap the R200 open diff on my 280z for the CLSD from the 88 Z31. I already have the new diff, but I haven't gotten a chance to try and install it yet.


So far I've gathered that this is a bolt on swap and the ONLY thing I have to do is swap the driveshaft companion flange.


Now, Some people say that I need to take off the finned cover and put my old non-finned cover on. I'd like to retain the finned cover so my diff won't overheat. Is there a bolt-on friendly (read: no welding) way of doing  this? z31 mustache bar or something? Is this even a real problem?


Thanks guys.

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You do not need the finned cover.  Your diff will not overheat.  The only issue you might have is the ring gear bolts.  The earlier R200s used 10mm ring gear bolts and the later ones used 12mm ring gear bolts.  If you search you should be able to find the transition year.

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oh man, I love this forum! I'm ordering a brace from Burleigh right now. I suppose I don't NEED it, but I like the idea of keeping the finned cover, and I don't want to open up the diff to swap.


I suppose I'll figure out the ring gear bolt situation when I get to taking out the diff, which should hopefully be some time this week. It looks like the diff in my car was messed with, so I have no way of knowing if it's from my 78 or was swapped in at some point. I also don't know the year the lsd was made, just the model so I'll just have to wait and see. I'm thinking adapter bolts will work instead of drilling?


and I DO need to swap companion flanges correct? Is there a special tool I need to do that, like a puller or something?

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