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Opinions on struts/coilovers for S30 240z

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So I'm looking to lower my stock 240z, aggressive enough to have a noticable difference from a stock z but still practical enough for the street. The guys at Ground Control sell a weld on coilover kit that most people are happy about but now im debating what type of struts and shocks to buy to replace the stock ones. I plan on having maybe a 200ish lb spring rate upfront and 225-250 spring rate in the back all depending on what struts and shocks i get.I know alot of people are getting tokicos, or even using aw11 struts and i was even suggestsed some Monroes or Gabriels. Opinions?? Suggestions??

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Ground control makes coilovers that work with their camber plates. Other peoples' coilovers won't work with their new style plates, as they need a rounded washer thingy that sits on top of the hat.


EDIT--I think if you buy their plain old coilovers those also won't work with their camber plates. You would need to ask them to be sure, but their newer plates require the dished washer thing.

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