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Hi everyone,


I'm changing out the heater control valve in my car and possibly the heater core while I'm at it. I want to replace the hoses since there's a good chance that the current ones will crack or break when I remove them. I've been trying to source new ones and I can't seem to find the whole set anywhere. I was going to buy 2 of the 3 at Black Dragon but after checking their diagram and my car's setup, they seem to be different so I'm hesitant on buying from them.


Not to mention a lot of them are fairly pricy... I'm not really looking to pay $70 for a few little hoses. Do I need the shaped hose? Or could I use some unshaped hose instead?


And if I need the shaped hose, can someone point me to a place that sells them for a reasonable price?




For clarification, the hoses pictured here are the 3 I'm looking for:






- Brandon

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I had been having trouble locating the under-dash heater valve hoses for my '75 280Z. I finally took the hoses to Autozone and matched them to hoses they had in stock for $15. The right angle hose is Dayco #A70001. Your hoses look a little different but might have luck matching the others like I did.  My write-up is on http://www.cowtownzclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=104


I hope this helps, 


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