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Hi everyone,


I've been trying to get my car working properly again and it keeps giving me trouble. I think the source of this is the fuel line i'm using from the tank outlet to the fuel pump inlet. It's carburetor hose since it's on the non-pressurized side of the system, but it's very soft/malliable and kinks very easily. I think this is what's causing my car to not get enough fuel while driving.


I can't find the OEM Nissan hose anywhere, and I can't find 7/16 fuel injection rated hose anywhere either. Does anyone know where I can get either of those? I'd like to get my car running again ASAP.





- Brandon

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You're saying that Napa or Autozone or any other parts house doesn't have any 7/16th EFI hose in stock??   You may be able to order it online and have it sent to you. I think you can even buy it on Ebay.  In anycase, EFI hose should be plenty stiff for use in a Carb'd vehicle.


I ended up finding some online that I just ordered today. Hopefully it will work well. I also forgot to add that it's on a fuel injected 280z. The problem with the carb hose that's on it now is that it's really soft and malleable which leads to it getting kinked easily with the 90 degree angle from the tank to the pump. I'm hoping that stiffer EFI hose will keep it from kinking.


I think your problem is that your looking for 7/16th instead of 5/16th. If i remember correctly you I used 5/16th on my 77.


I believe 5/16th is the return line to the tank. I've got 7/16th line on the tank right now and I had previously tried 3/8 (6/16th) and it was too small.

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Get creative with 90 degree elbows. I'll see if I can find a picture of my mounting bracket and setup for my walbro.


The hose leading from my tank to my pre filter g3 is the exact hose youre currently using. Just don't make it bend more than it wants.


A couple brass pex fittings can do wonders. I made this bracket, and you can clearly see my non EFI 7/16 leading from the tank to the filter. No leaks, no cavitation yet.


I'll probably upgrade to AN lines eventually though.


Either way. Some pictures of what worked for me.










Are you 100% you have a fuel pressure issue?

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another possibility is to get a spring and wind it around the hose. I'm not talking anything really stiff, just enough to keep it from kinking. You can even make one by wrapping a clothes hanger around a dowel or even the handle of your oem jack..  But you already ordered some so good luck.

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I just went through this as well.  Not a single local autoparts store carried 7/16" fuel line, carb or EFI.

I ordered a foot of 7/16" EFI rated braided hose, cut it to length with a hacksaw since the internal

reinforcement was metal, and promptly ripped the rubber while trying to get it to fit over the pump

and tank nipples.  I ended up using some 15/32" line rated for PCV/oil capture and plan to monitor

it for issues.  The kinking can be mitigated my cutting the hose to be just long enough to reach the

base of both fittings.  Even 1/2" too long and it will tend to fold.


One other option is to find a local classic VW shop and ask if they carry 12mm braided line.  I found that

hint buried in a topic here (credit to Tony D).  I did find one of those about 30 minutes away, but they had

just run out and were waiting on a replacement delivery.

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Here's an Amazon part that looks interesting.  Looks like a BMW dealer should be able to get the part number.  16 12 1 176 440




Or you can just search the internet for it.  Looks like three feet, by the Amazon description.




You could also hit the wrecking yard and get used if time and money are short.  BMW models are listed in the Amazon ad.


This part fits:
Exx: (fits years) : Model
bav: 1967-1969: 2500
bav: 1970-1972: 2800 CS
bav: 1969-1971: 2800
bav: 1972-1975: 3.0 CS
bav: 1971-1974: 3.0 S
bav: 1975-1976: 3.0 Si
bav: 1972-1974: 3.0
bav: 1971-1974: 3.0s
bav: 1975-1976: 3.0si

e10: 1967-1971: 1600
e10: 1968-1976: 2002
e10: 1972-1974: 2002tii

e12: 1978-1981: 528i
e12: 1974-1978: 530i

e21: 1977-1983: 320i

e23: 1978-1984: 733i
e23: 1985-1987: 735i

e24: 1977-1977: 630csi
e24: 1978-1984: 633csi
e24: 1985-1989: 635csi
e24: 1987-1989: M6

e28: 1982-1988: 528e
e28: 1983-1984: 533i
e28: 1985-1988: 535i
e28: 1988-1988: m5

e30: 1991-1991: 318i M42
e30: 1984-1985: 318i
e30: 1992-1992: 318ic
e30: 1986-1991: 325
e30: 1984-1987: 325e
e30: 1985-1987: 325es
e30: 1987-1991: 325i
e30: 1987-1993: 325ic
e30: 1988-1991: 325ix
e30: 1987-1991: 325is
e30: 1987-1991: M3
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Thanks for the advice, folks. If the stuff I ordered doesn't work out, I'll probably try the BMW stuff. I work at a European car shop so we can probably get it fairly easily.


And yes, Andy, I do know I have a fuel pressure issue. After looking at how the hose is squeezing on itself, I'm certain it's at least making the issue worse if not the entire cause of it.

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