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Revised center console

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So I was wanting to do a fiberglass/CF dash for my Z, but  think I want to start off a little smaller with the FG guy. I think he's up to the dash, but I think a custom console is needed more for me right now and it's a good way to test the waters.

My car has the t-5 which doesn't fit any console correctly as far as the shifter hole. And my car doesn't need any of the other cut-outs for choke lever, choke light, ashtray,etc...

What I want is a console that deletes EVERYTHING! I want the same basic shape as the original and of course to fit like original. I would like to have a console that someone can put whatever cutouts they want WHERE EVER they want. All I need is a door or somekind of access for the fuse box and a way to secure the shifter boot for where i decide to put the shifter hole.....and I think a molded cup holder!

Once a mold is made then it could be made CF or just FG.


any thoughts , suggestions, gripes, insight,ect..........................

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News from the shop.   Received proof of life this afternoon.     The two areas of brown are clay. I made a couple of fillets, to insure release, in some areas with

I've got a 75' clamshell with a small cosmetic crack. Perhaps better than sacrificing one in good condition?

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If you'd really like to start smaller, why not do a steering column clamshell?


Something with a gauge provision centered in between the tach/speedo would garner a lot of interest from those with everything from stock(ish) to wild drivetrain swaps; it would also provide a nice segue into center consoles in terms of group buys. A successful small scale exercise lends credence to later large scale exercises (such as dashboards).


A cup holder from a vehicle readily available from junkyards might be better than fiberglass in terms of production quality/difficulty and durability.

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I'm currently making a plug to replicate the late 71-73 240z center console.


I'm deleting the choke lever hole (the provision will be there to cut, if need be)


Mine still utilizes the ashtray. (I'm also making a low profile ashtray insert, due to some brake line prop valve relocation stuff too, but that's another story.)


That said, however, once I pull the mold...I COULD modify the plug to delete the ashtray, and make another mold for that setup as well.


I have not come up with a plan for the fuse box cover, but that would be extremely easy, once the part is made.


This is my lunchtime spare time project, as I too have a need for a console more than a dash.. I intend on pulling a mold from the plug hopefully within the next week. If I am motivated by potentially interested customers, that would speed things along exponentially.


Here's the plug, as of today, still in its infancy. The ugliest stage, before duratec; and the long road to 2000 grit begins.






I'm at a point now where I can work on it pretty diligently, so it will transform quickly.



I am currently without a console, as I sacrificed mine for the plug. So this IS happening. And soon...

Mine is certainly going to be carbon.

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Where does the t5 make contact on the OEM console? It's along the top, right?


And yeah, the cupholder would be perfect for that location.


A hole saw and one of these would be a real quick beta test. If the depth checks out. Would probably have to be lower profile though, from the looks.




Hmm lots of ideas to ponder. Good.

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Yes - the hole needs to move north an inch at least for the T-5.

I thought the hole in the chassis under the ashtray would allow to drop the cup holder in there- maybe not. Got to keep it low!

Any kind of access panel for the fuse box would work.

Be nice to think about a 12 volt receptacle( cig lighter) integrated on the passenger side for charging cell phone!


Just some thoughts

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Just thought I'd share. I started off by making this cup holder cell phone slot which had a foam bottom to it at the cup holder.post-44346-0-08855700-1414027264_thumb.jpg

then I found this foam cup holder at my local parts store for $4


had to trim a little bit for my choke lever but fits real nice in that hole that I made and would even probably be better if I redid it and lined it up a little more centered.so I think if you just put a hole in your plug piece you would be able to keep a low profile cup holder like this in it


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Just to pitch in my two cents worth. As a need for more gauges in the dash due to L28et swap, I went with the approach of filling in the cigarette lighter and hazard switch holes with SEM bumper repair, while sculpting a hole for one smaller 2-1/16" Autometer boost gauge. I used a series one cig lighter had the hazard switch  relocated to a newly made aluminum fuse panel cover as well as had a custom bezel made to mimic the dash vents that I am using from a Scion FRS. My dash and center console will be wrapped in alcantara micro suede with french stitching. As such, I needed to have  removable bezels for the gauges in order for the alcantara to wrap under into the hole provisions for both the dash and fuse panel cover. My next goal was to create the ignition clam shell gauge pod integrated on smoothly onto the top half with another separate aluminum gauge bezel for an air - fuel meter.      




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As far as the cup holder, I was looking for a more refined look with the cup holder molded into the console. Something permanent that looks like it is supposed to be there.

I also pondered making the access panel for the fuse box into a mini gauge pod. Need to examine the amount of room available, but having a removable panel would make mounting and accessing gauges easier.   

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Thanks, Gents!


Once I know the geomerty of the plug works, It'll be easy to make/modify another plug with t-5 shifter updates, and some cupholder research and development.


It's still in the cards. :)



I'll update this evening with some decent fairing progress.

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It's not a dumb question at all. This stuff is pretty confusing, at first.


You don't modify the mold. You make a new plug from the mold that I pull off of the piece I'm working on. (A plug is essentially just a part, with a flange on it.) Then you modify THAT new plug, with a slightly smaller flange, to accommodate the changes.

The master, what you see me working on now, never changes.


I make a mold from this master.


I then make a console for myself.


I then make a new plug from that same mold (add a flange to the layup)


Make necessary modifications to the new plug.


Pull new mold from plug once changes have been made.


Make new part.


Tonight I did a little fairing, and recoated.


It's getting smoother.







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I've always wanted to watch the process. My FG guy is chomping at the bit to do a project for me since he is starting a business and I would like to be involved to watch the process. I was going to have him do the console, but you might have that covered. Once you are to a point to discuss options I would like to see if you would make me one.

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